Monday, 1 December 2008


Now back to the serious subject of sewing.

But first, in answer to your questions regarding the fate of the potato, my husband used it for his signature dish, baked potatoes.
He showed it no mercy.
One became two.
He separated the conjoined tubers and stuck them in the oven.
We ate them trying to avoid noticing the tell -tale scar of their former romantic state.

I have at last had enough time to devise a new Harris Tweed clutch/handbag.

Larger than the purses from a previous post.

A large roomy pocket that folds over at the top.
It has a velcro fastener, and of course velvet applique and a bit of hand stitch.

I've lined it with some vintage 'Next' curtain fabric, from the early eighties, thick and soft, and there's a small mirror pocket inside.
I will be selling these for £30ish.

Please tell me what you think.

I have to make four things a day for the next two weeks.
I have high hopes of the next Craft market.

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