Tuesday 8 May 2018

Moving into the light and a sudden wow.

Even though Easter was so cold we managed a little posy for the table.

In fact it was so cold that these new lambs were in macs.

Now its warming up and things are galloping along in the garden in their own way.

The little things are the best.

The blackbird spent a few weeks sitting in a nest being waited upon by her beau but then disappeared and left nothing in the nest. We don't know why.

There are sparrows in the bird box with camera but they've made their nest so high it's blocked the view.

Our Felt group had a trip to the Lancashire Archives where we looked at old pattern books.
I had a play about and came up with this pieces and few spiky brooches

We've been choosing paint for our living room. 
I think we have every Little Greene and Farrow and Ball match pot now.

We finally decided on Fescue..a gorgeous colour, and the only one we liked on all four walls. Its amazing how the different light alters the colour around the room.

Anything that doesn't move has been painted and is being painted.
Its all quite exciting but always takes ages in our house.
New carpet and sofa and curtains next. Unfortunately the only curtain fabric that comes anywhere near what we want is £80 per metre!! I was looking more towards £10 so I'll be trawling the factory shops until I find something.

In response to many many requests I have organised a two day felt workshop for next weekend. 
I'm looking forward to it but haven't completely filled it so if you want to come... email me quick! 
It's suitable for beginners and experienced learners. Wool provided.

I've been doing a lot of walking lately for health reasons and although I have lost inches I don't seem to be losing weight.
I joined Chorley Walkie talkies walking group and had 4 long walks with them recently. They start and finish on a Saturday in Astley Park and there was a redcoat encampment there one week.
I love seeing authentic re-enactment costumes. 

The man on the left had made his own uniform.
I don't suppose the table was authentic but all around it was.

I walk on my own a lot too ..oops I mean with Hetty ..and we went to a nearby village last Saturday in gorgeous weather. 
The visiting Cricket team arrived here and I saw one of them get out of his car, look around and say 'Oh Yes'. It was that kind of a day and place,

I've been making a few more fish and found a new way of presenting them.

These have gone to Found Gallery in Dunbar.

I also decided to treat myself to a craft workshop just for fun for me.
I did a mosaic making course with a delightful teacher called Briony Machin and produced a name plaque for our door. I'm really pleased with it.

I went shopping and found a garden hamper..humper (?) which is just the right size for bathing Hetty when she gets muddy.

There is one fatal flaw...once you've filled it with three washing up bowls of water...you can't move it to empty it.

Hah! Says Hetty.

WOW say I...I have just realised that last week, on 29th April to be exact, it was the 10 year anniversary of this blog. I have enjoyed writing it so much and I love looking back over the posts, and the memories. I have made lots of friends through it over the years, both online and in real life.
The same day a year later makes it 9 years since my beloved Willow died. 

How the time has flown.
Here is the very first post.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

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