Monday 22 May 2017


Busy busy busy..I've been around and about.
Just before Easter I had another super visit to Snape Textile group where I did two day classes. They wanted to make vessels so I had to practise before I went!
However it all went very well and there were some lovely bowls at the end of each day. 
I usually use the dull and unloved colours for my samples on the day and in this picture you can see the one on the right in maroon and lime that I made on the first day, as well as the bright pink smaller one I made on the second day. 

Here's a close-up. I thought it would be horrible in those vivid colours, but in the end I rather liked it.

We all learnt a lot!

I was  hosted overnight by the lovely Sarah and her family. They have a super seating area outside and some unorthodox planters. Aren't they great?
The views from the bedroom where I slept were of beautiful rolling Yorkshire countryside, but if I craned my neck I saw this and did a bit of a double take!

 I had a wonderful time as usual.

While I was away, number two son had his birthday, so we met up in Manchester during the week and visited 'PLY ' bar where they make the most amazing pizzas ever...
They have a mirror ball pizza oven and the pizzas are light and fluffy and delicious.
I could have eaten two.😋 
I have since discovered there is a similar one in Ancoats so need to get myself there asap just to check if it's as good.

The end of April took us to Wonderwool Wales. An enormous wool celebrating venue in Builth Wells.
On the way we called in to Llandrindod Wells. 
I was impressed with their local celebrity.

Onto Builth Wells. A nice little town with a witty line in Display Art outside a Vintage shop.

Inside the Royal Welsh Showground I set up my stand. It was very hard work and not like anything I'd done before as it had huge white 'screens' behind it. I felt it looked a bit bare but showed off the goods I suppose. Bit blurry photo.
I used the above mentioned bowl with a little plastic container in it to add a bit of nature to my stand. I asked the owner of our B &B if I could pick some Ladies' Smock from their fields which were absolutely full of it, and it just looked perfect with a bit of a budding beech branch.

I had a lovely two days meeting a new audience and one or two old friends. It was an adventure and we made it into a bit of a holiday by having 4 nights and a chance to visit Hay-on-Wye on the way home, and seeing a bit of Mid Wales in the evenings.

I forgot to take a photo in the sunlight but this was the twilight view over the fields from our B&B .

The wooden clad building on the right was where our lovely room was, with its own dining table so we could have our delicious breakfast brought in by the owners.
I would definitely recommend it.
It turned out that the other guests were also at Wonderwool.

My next door stand neighbour was the lovely and extremely talented Jenny Pepper. 
I said my stand looked bare..Jenny's was gorgeous and won 'best stand of its size' . I'm not a bit surprised.

The work and the setting were both beautiful

Really sensitive

I mentioned Hay-on-Wye. For those who don't know, it's famous for its bookshops. I kept seeing this looked intriguing but I didn't buy it. Has anyone read it?

I'd made a LOT of brooches for Wonderwool and I sold quite a lot !

Now I'm starting again for Woolfest.

Here's a piece of embroidery I made as a result of a workshop demo. I'm quite pleased with it.

At the felt group last week one of the members brought some vintage embroideries she'd inherited.
Aren't these lovely?

Waiting for one of the members was the delightful 'Bear' . I had to go out and be introduced to him.

I wonder if Hetty would have liked him?

She wasn't so sure about Lola when she visited last week.

Who could not love those eyes?

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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