Monday 28 September 2015


Yarndale at the weekend was excellent and a lady tapped me on the shoulder and said 'you don't blog enough'. So here I am at last in the nick of time for September.

Its been a hectic month. We started with a holiday to Symi. Greece (search my blog for posts about Symi and you'll see it was our sixth visit!) We enjoyed it very much but I think perhaps we've been too often. Mind you, we say that every year and then we get lured back by its blue charms. We usually go around mid september when its a bit cooler, but this year, as I had a prior commitment, we went early in the month and happened to be there for the hottest day they'd had all year. If anyone had told me I'd be there in 40 degrees of heat I don't think I would have gone, but we actually coped. We actually walked about a mile on said hottest day and I didn't collapse.
I am extremely conscious of my less than perfect 'beach body' but this year I decided to not give a tuppeny about my physique, and wear what was comfortable, even if it was shorts. Thus I had a happy time.
Anyway here are some lovely Symi photographs.
Old Rhodes town

New can rent this yacht with 24 crew and a helicopter for  750.000 euros a week excluding 'expenses'

Two semi feral kittens resident around the Olive Tree Cafe, Symi.

Plant life in The Windmill Restaurant Symi.


A sort of turret in the city walls overlooking the port of Rhodes.

Tholi , Symi.

Husband on holiday, Dafne's Taverna , Tholi, Symi.

There;s a tiny dot to the left and further away than the boat. Its a buoy and we swam out to it. It was quite rough water. Tholi

This is the shadow of how you get to the back of a pick up truck. If you're lucky to get to sit inside, which I did on this occasion.

The road is a bit hair raising.

You get a superb view of the harbour from up here.

On another trip we stopped at this little rest point .

A road trip to Panormitis Monastery. 

Old and new at Panormitis.

The tower at Panormitis.

This makes a change..not cat paws in the concrete, but goat's feet.

No caption needed.

Inviting sea.
Poseidon at rest at St Emillianos. Compulsory swimming. Absolute bliss.

St Emilianos Monastery, empty and hot and beautiful. They set up the long table full of food here.

The chicken on the bbq

 One of the passengers dived for these and said 'help yourself'

So here they are now, on my kitchen work top!

It was a good holiday.
Then I kept my promise to do the church flowers for a wedding in our parish.

I enjoyed it so much. I did them in the kitchen and took them to church where I added a couple of extra snapdragons top and bottom. They're so fragile they might have snapped.

I put some inside and some outside.
 The bride's flowers were lovely, and my church flowers went very well with them, even though I hadn't seen them.
The very happy couple. It was an exciting day for the parish. They had both been widowed years ago so its a lovely outcome.

The happy bride, with her mother.

Then it was Yarndale. I had a ball meeting lovely people, some I knew, some I didn't . But I was so busy I didn't take any photographs!

Ah well.

Bye for now.
Thanks you for all the comments last time.

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