Wednesday 24 February 2016

Errrrr.....Happy New Year?

Last night I was searching for a photograph and remembered it was on my blog somewhere.
I went rooting through my posts and it brought back so many memories for me. I can't believe I started it in 2008, almost eight years ago.
Blogging has changed a lot since then, not least in the number of blogs I read religiously and commented on in the old days. A lot of those are no longer in use.
I used to get lots of comments, one post had 60 another had 40 and when I read through them again I couldn't help wondering if they were still reading, and blogging.
I had an overwhelming feeling of affection and one of loss somehow.
I realised how precious my blog is to me.

"You' were with me when, a year to the day after I started blogging, my beloved Willow died and we were dogless for two years.
'You' helped me to win the Dorset Cereals blog award.
'You' supported me when I was suffering with deep depression, and with me again to cheer me on when I recovered.
'You' were with me when we fell in love with our little Hetty in 2011.
'You' were with me as my work was included in magazines, and on websites.
'You' watched me discover felt again and develop my current work.
'You've' read about Marrakech, Ballyvaughan, Skopelos, Symi, Tilos, Venice, and closer to home Heptonstall, Arnside, Grasmere, and many more.
And of course, 'you' have encouraged me in my work over and over again, even when I wrote utter rubbish.

So here's the latest bit in a very poor photograph for you.

Thank you.

Thank you for the gifts you've sent, for buying my work, for meeting me occasionally, in the flesh, and for all the reading.

For a snapshot of that time This is the post I read, along with the comments. Its got some nice memories but the comments are lovely.

Facebook is mini blogging and has taken us even further, but its not the same cosy little group I felt 'we' were.

So, even though I haven't done any blogging since 2015 I'm here again.
Belatedly then, Happy New Year.

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