The Handwriting Game

We had fun on Handwriting Wednesday and a lot of people who missed it have said they would like to do it .
So any time you like, write a post on paper in your own handwriting and either scan it, or photograph it so it can be read, and upload it to your blog.
Link to my blog if you like, so that everyone else can see who has played the game.
Since I had the idea I find that coincidentally Cynjon had a similar idea at the same time.
Don't you love that sort of 'Cosmic Consciousness'? (I only discovered that earlier this evening!)

So here's the list:
Diana from Pebbledash
Cathy from Menopausal Musings
Sue from Mousenotebook
Max the Lobster
Heather from Ragged Old Blogger
Karen from Contemporary Embroidery
Gill from Vintagerockchick
Emma from Silverpebble 
Whitney Anne from What Whitney Made Next
Lorna from Artymess
Gina from Fan My Flame
Arlee from albedo
Susan from Celadon
Woo from The Devil Makes Work
Emma from ALittle Bit of Everything
Pam from From Cloth to Creation 
Kim from Numinosity beads
Dan from frogs, dogs and ferns 
Lyn from Everyday life
Robin from Robins Ramblings 
And Paddys Daughter 
Judy from Judy's fabrications
Fiona from Tizduster
Wendy from Wendy Carole's Stuff
Claire from Quirky Dreaming
Kelly from The Last Day of May
Jane from Marigold Jam 
? (Sorry!) from View from our Hill 
Debbie from Dreaming of the Simple Life
Jill from Third Age Musings 
Alice , The Sight of Morning 
Anne, Cozy in Texas 
Andi's English attic 
If I've forgotten anyone remind me!
Oh..nearly forgot, my contribution is here

And a summary and mosaic of everyones' contribution in what might be called the first round, is HERE

Let me know by leaving a comment on my blog and I'll add you to this list.


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