Wednesday 30 April 2008


Silk fibres and plain velvets dyed in oranges, pastels, and dull shades to complement the bright ones I bought. I used mulberry silk tops, tussah silk tops and silk noils as well as soya bean fibre.

And these are the ones I bought from Wingham Wool Works, along with all my other irresistible buys.


Jackie Kirner said...

Yay! you're blogging!! I'm still figuring out all the blogging details too. Love your tagline - "probably too much information". That's what I think of my "about" section - but can't remember where to fix that!!

jackie K.

arlee said...

First of all: WHOHOOOOOOOO YOU"RE BLOGGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Second: DELISHous!!!

Julia said...

Lovely stuff...the silk goodies and of course your new blog!

Lindsey said...

You sneaky woman - you started a blog and didn't tell!!! YAY!!! Fantastic!!
What a scrumptious pile of goodies. You are very good for me as you make me want to be more creative again. Have subscribed so I can watch your every post - I'm a lurker par excellence!! :0)

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