Wednesday 23 February 2011


You know when you've had a glass or two of wine and you love everyone?
And you want to hug everyone and tell them you love them?*
(*I have to add here that when I wrote this I HADN'T HAD A GLASS OF WINE..I just felt the same warm feelings...)
Well...perhaps you don't but I do, and  blogging makes me feel like this.
There are people who comment without fail on my blog and to whom I can't reply with email, notably Heather and Connie and many others, and I would love to give you all a virtual hug. It so lovely to have you take the time to comment.
Not just you, but others.
 Thank you.
Now, I just thought I'd pop in with a creation I did a while ago but which is just about to appear in Quilting Arts emag. I'm sorry I can't link to it. I don't quite know if its available yet.
 here it is in all its pinkness

 Available now ssshhhh you know where.
 In lovely silk and velvet and of course its in the worst colour to photograph. There's a matching heart which can be a pendant or a brooch. Also available.
The silk is shot lilac and orange which gives a luscious pink.
Or should I say raspberry?

Monday 7 February 2011

Can't even think of a title for this post.

What a long time its been since I blogged.
The main reason is that I couldn't get a decent photograph of the piece I wanted to show.
Here it is now..the best I can do in more ways than one.

Its about 10 inches high.
I've had it out ready to photograph for days now and every time the cat got near it I moved it, until this morning when I found him perched precariously on the back of a chair fast asleep..on top if it. So that big crease down the centre is a result of his 'ironing ' it with his one-stone bulk.

Now the history of this piece is this: I HAD to make myself do some sewing so I got a piece of my felt from a previous post and stitched some motifs onto it, using the different coloured shapes as a guide. It was a battle I can tell you.
But the final piece was far too busy and confusing . The background colours were too busy, and you couldn't see the stitched parts.

So after a discussion at the felt group (I do love them all) I had a go at using the embellisher to force the white felt on the back through to the front to soften the spaces between, but it didn't work.
( I didn't take any pictures of it at this stage.)
I had made some felt at the felt group meeting using some softly space dyed wool tops given to me by Lesley, and I rather liked the result so I cut the motifs out of the patterned felt, and stitched them onto the softer allover  coloured felt.

I prefer this background, but the effect of cutting thick felt is a little unsatisfactory in this instance. The wispiness of the edges disappear, but other things appear I suppose. Its a bit lumpy.

I did a bit of hand stitching inspired by Jude. I like that.

 This exercise poses a few questions.
Gives me  a few headaches. I need to be more in control of the shapes I lay down on a plainer background so that they will show up when I've stitched on them. So I need to have a clearer picture of the finished piece even while I'm making the felt.
Must try harder.
I'm still reluctant to commit myself to sewing which is tough because I am supposed to be exhibiting with a group in May.
Lost my way.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments since the last post. I feel so grateful and sad I can't answer some because I can't find you . The latest of these is 'bea'. Thank you bea.

In other news: it was my husbands Birthday over a week ago on a saturday . We were going out with family on Sunday so on his birthday we just had a little trip to Staveley near Kendal, Cumbria, where we had a walk by the river in lovely frosty sunshine,
Along the way we saw a beautiful house almost all one end is glass..what a spot to live.
 Further on we saw signs saying 'Save(whatever it was) weir.'.this one. I don't know any details, but I can only imagine the floods if this wasn't here.

Then we finished our outing with a coffee at Wilfs, a cafe in Mill Yard . We read papers and patted civilised , they allow dogs and walking boots in.
Then we had a look round Mill Yard and saw one of our favourite kinds of building!
Patchwork corrugated iron.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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