Wednesday 18 April 2012

A load of old Horrocks?

This blog is a bit sparse these days isn't it? Thanks everyone who commented on it last time and every time in fact. 
I haven't much of interest to blog about but here goes.

The trouble with having things in craft shops is that you often forget what you have there. I recently requested the remainder of my items from one such so that I could replace them with some new things.

I'd almost forgotten about this mirror. I really like it when I see it again. In the shop it was in a crumply bit of cellophane and wasn't visible. 
I made it a while ago. Its lovely olive green dupion silk and has some really nice dyed velvet on it. Its very small, about three and a half by for and a half inches. I've listed it on Etsy now.

Then there were these landscape brooches made on silk paper with lots of horizontal stitching.

I made and sold lots at the time .

Also in my etsy shop.

Now, something that isn't in my shop that I've been working on is this.

 Can you tell what it is yet?
 Felt made with prefelts for a very specific purpose.
Added stitching

 1950s style

 This is the inspiration which I must say I love. I wish I could have made it in crisp cotton in the brighter colourway . Its a design by Alastair Morton for Horrockses and I hope its ok to use this picture here.

 This is the reason I made it.
Our branch of the Embroiderers Guild is holding the Northwest regional day jointly with Parbold branch, in Preston towards the end of the month. 
We are having a speaker from the Harris Museum about Horrockses dresses. 

The firm was from Preston so its an appropriate  choice. My Mum always wanted one but she couldn't afford it , but she had one from some Horrockses fabric and I can remember her wearing this style when I was a child and of course the sun was shining!

So we have all made a 'dress'. Not really, just a shape about 18 inches high made to look like a dress. 

Needless to say it should have been done months ago so I hope mine gets in the display!

And of course I've been making brooches.

 Some of these are in my etsy shop and some are in my FOLKSY shop

Well...we've got to eat!

I have no end of trouble differentiating between the photographs so I didn't get as far as I thought I might, listing these,  playing spot the difference, with the memory of a goldfish with a memory problem.

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Hetty Here..

 Do you like my new Tweed coat?
 Look, from the back too.

 Its got a flower on it. 
She says she's not quite sure about it and was snipping at it today.

 It doesn't stop me from investigating important stuff.

 Or chewing sticks, and I'm very grateful for it since they took me to that woman with the scissors and shampoo. 

 And best of all....

It matches my tongue.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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