Monday 31 December 2012

End of the year.

Yes she did get her new coat.

And here's my 2012 mosaic.
Happy New year to one and all.

Thursday 20 December 2012

Hetty here

She's been at it again in that room..this time she kept calling me to sit and have this thing fastened on..I wouldn't mind but she whipped it off me again when I'd just got it warm.

 Then it was the photos. 
Sit still...not that way..this way...

 just got warm again when she whips it off and tries another. 

I was so fed up I turned my back on her.

 Oh come on I said..enough's enough.

 I'll think about it.

 Alright then. 
Then she pinches them off me and says they're for someone else.

 Then there was the party. We had a great time. 
Here's a picture of us playing musical mats. See that fat black dog? I had the best fun walking round behind him with my nose stuck to his rear end. 
He had NO TAIL!

I don't think he noticed.

 The only bad bit was having to wear this lot again. Still we won third prize in the fancy dress.

 Don't you think I look angelic? 
That was Tuesday.

Look at me now! I feel like a turkey. I've had me  hair cut..there's nothing on me legs!
Its bloomin' freezing.

 And to top it all...she took the coat away and gave it to another dog.Missy.

 And she sent the other one to Betsy.

 Where's mine? 
Oh she didn't get a picture of that did she?
So here's me as an angel again. 
With short hair.
Merry bloomin' Christmas.

Tuesday 4 December 2012

One month on

It doesn't seem a month since I posted but it is. I think its because I haven't had anything to blog about.
"Thats never stopped her before" I hear you say.
Well anyway, its been a busy month with necessary tasks such as altering curtains that have been a pain for three years, going to the Knitting and stitching show and being totally exhausted by it; seeing the Matthew Bourne production of 'Sleeping Beauty' at the Lowry in Manchester, and apart from that the days have slid by very quickly indeed!
 I've had a sudden rush of brooch making as you may imagine at this time of year. I haven't had a November/December without a craft fair for years so its been quite nice to have a different sort of pre-Christmas period.

 I made one group for the open evening at Create , the pop up craft emporium at the Farmhouse at Astley Hall in Chorley. The wonderful women of Chorley Contemporary Crafters have made this happen. I really admire their enterprise and determination. Its worth a visit especially the gift shop.
 These brooches, at least 15 of them are bound for north Yorkshire tomorrow. 
 I've enjoyed being on the making treadmill again but I made a terrible mess of my house in doing it. 
 Now I'm all tidied up, just having a quiet few moments before I have to get ready for the dog class. 
I really hope Hetty behaves herself. 
Haircut (dog) and Theatre matinee(me) tomorrow. Busy busy busy.......
I wonder if I 'll get my Christmas cards made this year? I've got the lino and the tools but do I have the time?

Monday 5 November 2012

It's what blogging's for.... keep a record of a sunny Sunday walk.

 Tree tunnels and friends..

 richly coloured moors

blue skies

feathery dozing trees

 silvery seedheads

 and a joyous little dog with a white triangle at the back.

Our boots were heavy with mud but our hearts were light.

 Monday's walk. Totally different .
Just me, with Hetty on her lead.
The gloating autonomous Jools sitting on the compost bin watching us set off.

 And what does Hetty spy in the next field?

 She needs to investigate further. I think her feet may be off the ground here.

 Oo er...

 And they're off.

But they are as nosey as she is and look at her from a safe distance.

 Creeping back gradually.

There's nothing quite like a sheepish stare.

Then back towards house  (Or at least the roof) across the road is just in the brick with 3 chimneys. Our half is hidden behind the tree.

We leave the sheep to safely graze under the wide moorland sky.

Two glorious sunny days.

Thursday 1 November 2012


 Another falling leaf. 

This is interesting why?
Because the velvet in the centre used to be very dark and was in line for re dying. But first I bleached it and the result was these beautiful graduated shades of brown, green and cream. 

 I made a huge big leaf on Charleston themed felt. 
What shall I do with it?

  Its big for a brooch but may make a statement. I wish I made hats..its would look luscious on one.

Just leaf it as it is perhaps? (Sorry)

Its cold wet and grey outside so what do you do?

Well first you wriggle the hearth rug up and then lie on it and when your scary black and white friend comes to lie next to you..

 keep as still as you can...

for fear of  the scritchy scratchy...

Monday 29 October 2012


It seems a while!
Thank you all you lovely commenters. I hope I managed to reply to everyone.

I seem to have been making nothing but brooches lately . Time for a bit of a change. I started with the felt motif as usual.

Can you tell what it is yet? As Rolf would say.
I stole a bit of delicious jade linen from some yards I had for curtains because I just knew it would be right for it.
A lightweight roomy shopper.
I made one a couple of years ago when I went to Ally Pally and I was actually recognised by it!
Here it is.

(Ooh I just went back to 'that post'..I can't believe how long ago it was.2009 was 'the weird year' for me  with tremendous ups and downs. I read it again and all the 40 comments and it was a lovely reminder of some bloggers and a friend who I seem to have 'lost').

Its something I still use regularly, its crumpled but its useful! I take it to shows in my handbag and then when I have bought stuff it gets swapped and I put my handbag inside it. Its a bit like Mary Poppins' carpet bag and holds more than you might imagine.
(Its currently doing its duty as the dog class bag..toting the brush, the toy, the treats, the poo bags, and the vaccination certificates every tuesday night to the place where we feel like failures! Hetty has NOT been entered for the bronze test tomorrow.."sob" I am mortified..Hetty doesn't care a fig)

Anyway I thought I'd cut down on making time by using lovely cream webbing for the long handles.
I love the look of them against the jade.

I love the deliciously soft linen-y crumply-ness which I must say isn't as pronounced as it looks in this picture.
Its been so dull here since I made it I couldn't get a good picture so I hope this will do.

Also: many thanks to all who click the 'top blogs by crafters' button in my sidebar. I am hovering between first and second on the list at the moment and its all down to those who click!

(Update: it seems the button isn't loading its picture at the moment. Its the one below the words that say I'm hovering between top and second..)
Bye for now.

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