Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hetty here

She's been at it again in that room..this time she kept calling me to sit and have this thing fastened on..I wouldn't mind but she whipped it off me again when I'd just got it warm.

 Then it was the photos. 
Sit still...not that way..this way...

 just got warm again when she whips it off and tries another. 

I was so fed up I turned my back on her.

 Oh come on I said..enough's enough.

 I'll think about it.

 Alright then. 
Then she pinches them off me and says they're for someone else.

 Then there was the party. We had a great time. 
Here's a picture of us playing musical mats. See that fat black dog? I had the best fun walking round behind him with my nose stuck to his rear end. 
He had NO TAIL!

I don't think he noticed.

 The only bad bit was having to wear this lot again. Still we won third prize in the fancy dress.

 Don't you think I look angelic? 
That was Tuesday.

Look at me now! I feel like a turkey. I've had me  hair cut..there's nothing on me legs!
Its bloomin' freezing.

 And to top it all...she took the coat away and gave it to another dog.Missy.

 And she sent the other one to Betsy.

 Where's mine? 
Oh she didn't get a picture of that did she?
So here's me as an angel again. 
With short hair.
Merry bloomin' Christmas.
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