Tuesday, 4 December 2012

One month on

It doesn't seem a month since I posted but it is. I think its because I haven't had anything to blog about.
"Thats never stopped her before" I hear you say.
Well anyway, its been a busy month with necessary tasks such as altering curtains that have been a pain for three years, going to the Knitting and stitching show and being totally exhausted by it; seeing the Matthew Bourne production of 'Sleeping Beauty' at the Lowry in Manchester, and apart from that the days have slid by very quickly indeed!
 I've had a sudden rush of brooch making as you may imagine at this time of year. I haven't had a November/December without a craft fair for years so its been quite nice to have a different sort of pre-Christmas period.

 I made one group for the open evening at Create , the pop up craft emporium at the Farmhouse at Astley Hall in Chorley. The wonderful women of Chorley Contemporary Crafters have made this happen. I really admire their enterprise and determination. Its worth a visit especially the gift shop.
 These brooches, at least 15 of them are bound for north Yorkshire tomorrow. 
 I've enjoyed being on the making treadmill again but I made a terrible mess of my house in doing it. 
 Now I'm all tidied up, just having a quiet few moments before I have to get ready for the dog class. 
I really hope Hetty behaves herself. 
Haircut (dog) and Theatre matinee(me) tomorrow. Busy busy busy.......
I wonder if I 'll get my Christmas cards made this year? I've got the lino and the tools but do I have the time?
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