Monday, 5 November 2012

It's what blogging's for.... keep a record of a sunny Sunday walk.

 Tree tunnels and friends..

 richly coloured moors

blue skies

feathery dozing trees

 silvery seedheads

 and a joyous little dog with a white triangle at the back.

Our boots were heavy with mud but our hearts were light.

 Monday's walk. Totally different .
Just me, with Hetty on her lead.
The gloating autonomous Jools sitting on the compost bin watching us set off.

 And what does Hetty spy in the next field?

 She needs to investigate further. I think her feet may be off the ground here.

 Oo er...

 And they're off.

But they are as nosey as she is and look at her from a safe distance.

 Creeping back gradually.

There's nothing quite like a sheepish stare.

Then back towards house  (Or at least the roof) across the road is just in the brick with 3 chimneys. Our half is hidden behind the tree.

We leave the sheep to safely graze under the wide moorland sky.

Two glorious sunny days.

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