Tuesday 24 December 2013

Christmas wishes

The last minute tree is up.
We don't do minimal. If its in the box its on the tree!

I so enjoyed getting out allthe gorgeous decorations made possible by blogland. Thank you Sesga, Mary Anne, Sid Simpson, for my lovely decorations.

And on the 'pot rack'
 glorious Christmas clutter made even more chaotic by the addition of cards.

 If you want minimal you have to go into THE FRONT ROOM.

 Celebrating the arrival of the new chair,( and sofa not shown in this picture )

 Wait till we light the stove..

 will the poinsettia survive?

I've been to 'Midnight Mass' (5 o'clock and wonderful) I've peeled all the veg for tomorrow, cleaned the house, wrapped the presents and I'm ready. 

Happy Christmas everyone. Thank you for all your support and lovely comments always. 
I love you all!!!

Thursday 19 December 2013

Really noticing..

...that oak leaves are beautifully different. Not symmetrical at all, all different shapes and sizes and colours. Makes me feel justified in calling these 'oaky'.

 I started to collect them from the woodland floor and amassed a huge collection for observation purposes. I got some funny looks..most people are collecting holly at this time of year.

 They are delightfully decorative and pleasing when arranged. 
Its a bit like playing with a button collection. I always drew them with the same number of ins and outs on either side, but now I know differently.
They had to be pressed between sheets of newspaper to preserve them for my plan. 
I put a bit of oil on my hands and its seems to have stopped them from fragmenting.

I got out the Markal sticks and rubbed some gold into some of them

I didn't gild all of these 'lilies' and added some quinces I pass every day on my walk . No-one owns them so I helped myself. I'd found a few teeny cones..birch? (I'm not sure.)

and some gloriously glossy green ivy leaves and and a few ivy flowers.

added a white organza ribbon. 
Et voila.
Is it christmassy enough?

The only problem with it is that the wind has been blowing it, and Hetty thinks its someone knocking on the door.

I've fallen in love with my hot glue gun all over again.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Long and short.

For a short time a couple of weeks ago I felt I'd lost my reason to stitch.
I wanted to try something new but didn't know what, so instead of sitting about and doing nothing I decided to have a little play with felt and pre-felts.

 Laying cut out bits of pre-felt onto a background of fleece was a good start for stitching and I managed to complete a small square piece which I quite like.
 Its difficult to take photos at this time of year far north in the Northern Hemisphere so please cut me some slack with the quality!
 I really loved stitching these little 'knepps' or 'Pebbles' I included in the felt. Its a pretty little piece and is in my etsy shop now.

Then I made another piece the same size. The pictures of this are EVEN WORSE if that is possible but I think you can sort of tell what they should look like.
 I've edited them in different ways to show the true colours but I think you'll hav eto do a bit of deduction or imagining.
 Anyway, the stitching is still a fun feature.

 And my third piece is a long and narrow piece with a touch of lilac.
I enjoyed doing his very much indeed.

Knepps/pebbles again.
 Some lilac swirly bits against goldy ochre and olive look lovely.
 Its a long way up to see the whole piece.
 it was a fun piece to stitch.

French Knots, running stitch, leaves..what fun!

Here are the three pieces together,

Strangely the best photos are those taken in complete shade. I think the sun is so low it bounces back in a fragmented way.

Now..I've been putting out some feelers..who wants to do an online class? A bit of an intro to felt making, basic machine embroidery and working towards a Finished piece.  Possible 8 weekly videos after christmas. For a fee of course. (I have to eat)

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.