Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Long and short.

For a short time a couple of weeks ago I felt I'd lost my reason to stitch.
I wanted to try something new but didn't know what, so instead of sitting about and doing nothing I decided to have a little play with felt and pre-felts.

 Laying cut out bits of pre-felt onto a background of fleece was a good start for stitching and I managed to complete a small square piece which I quite like.
 Its difficult to take photos at this time of year far north in the Northern Hemisphere so please cut me some slack with the quality!
 I really loved stitching these little 'knepps' or 'Pebbles' I included in the felt. Its a pretty little piece and is in my etsy shop now.

Then I made another piece the same size. The pictures of this are EVEN WORSE if that is possible but I think you can sort of tell what they should look like.
 I've edited them in different ways to show the true colours but I think you'll hav eto do a bit of deduction or imagining.
 Anyway, the stitching is still a fun feature.

 And my third piece is a long and narrow piece with a touch of lilac.
I enjoyed doing his very much indeed.

Knepps/pebbles again.
 Some lilac swirly bits against goldy ochre and olive look lovely.
 Its a long way up to see the whole piece.
 it was a fun piece to stitch.

French Knots, running stitch, leaves..what fun!

Here are the three pieces together,

Strangely the best photos are those taken in complete shade. I think the sun is so low it bounces back in a fragmented way.

Now..I've been putting out some feelers..who wants to do an online class? A bit of an intro to felt making, basic machine embroidery and working towards a Finished piece.  Possible 8 weekly videos after christmas. For a fee of course. (I have to eat)

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