Thursday 7 March 2019

A Long Time...

Well I'm flummoxed and a little sad. Technology has moved on and Blogger is slowly fading away. As I opened this up to write a new post I had a complicated message which seemed to boil down to the fact that google and blogger are no longer connected and I won't see comments any more.
This all quite depressing as I see the day when blogger will disappear and I'll lose all my posts which I view as my journal of the last 10+ years.
If anyone knows how I can avoid this I'd like to know but of course if your comments aren't showing how do I see them. Please try anyway.

Well..I've been away a very long time..end of Summer was my last post! Then I had a bad cold and then at the end of October my 91 year old Mum fell and broke her humerus and had to come and stay with me for 7 weeks as it turned out. Then it was the Christmas rush so I'm afraid my blog took a back seat.

I'm back now and we've just got back from out 10th visit to County Clare so my photos will be somewhat similar to those you've seen before! Here goes then..
Ive read some good books..

My Mum had her 91st

 then broke her shoulder.

 Christmas came and went

I dyed some yummy velvet and got going again with brooches. 
I started a busy busy piece.

 Found some extremely large and teeny shells on a beach in Ireland

 came home again.

 made a yummy choccy cake for my son's GFs birthday today.

And guess who ate the leftover decorations?
You're correct.
Please comment if you can then I know how its all working.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.