Friday 30 April 2010

Open day at Dogdaisy

I had to rush to get these and 15 of the ones in the previous posts off to Fibre+Clay before the Bank Holiday.
So I thought you might like a tour of the post hurry premises.

This is the production floor.
Please note very strong adherence to H&S advice.
The risk of cutting the phone cord has been assessed and is managed.

Here we have the packaging department which doubles as the ironing board.

And next, the office.
Or 'Admin'.
As the Chief execs laptop is bust, and the big fat printer won't take big fat card, she had to carry the old old printer upstairs and attch it to the office mainframe.
(oops the choccy buttons packet is vey old)

Next we have the labelling department.
The ink in the old old printer wouldn't dry for some reason so she had to use the warm air fan. (Hairdryer)

But she managed to get the the brooches made, labelled and packed and posted.

All 20 of them.

These were the last 5

made last night during the 'big debate' (good old Gordon)

and snipped/trimmed today during the meeting of Embroidery 2000.

Now the office cleaner must come and do her stuff.

Where's me overalls?

Thursday 29 April 2010


Today is the two year anniversary of my blog and the one year anniversary of the death of my much missed dog, Willow.
I don't know whether to celebrate or cry.
The weather is suitably weary and dull as is my mood.
However I have more bright things to show which should cheer us all up.

I put the squares I showed you in the last post onto a cuff.

The Liberty lining is a very good match in colour if not in theme.

I had a bit of a job with this since I lost my very best scissors but thankfully a replacement pair arrived in the post this morning.

If you read one of my very early posts you will wonder that I would need any more but the pinky purply daisy in a lower picture definitely needs the attention only these can give.

Denim is tough stuff and I haven't worked with it much since then.

Last night instead of watching Gordon apologize I did more sewing.
I moved onto the felt in a colour called, I think, pale jade.
I love it. It works so well with pinks and other greens in fact it gave me a funny childhood memory feeling that I couldn't quite place.

Its slightly softer and paler than in my photographs but who knows how you are viewing it?
This big monitor I am using since the demise of my laptop is altogther paler .

Maybe it was because it was past my bedtime I made a couple of weird ones.

Should I continue with them do you think?

All this sewing and the lack of the laptop has me waaaayy behind on catching up with your lovely blogs. It has turned me into one of those people I criticized last year for receiving comments and not returning them.
I love your comments and am very grateful to everyone who takes time to leave one.

Like Gordon, I'm sorry.
Only I really mean it.

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Summer Brooches..



....are not.

I have other plans for these little squares.

But don't you think they look a bit like these..

with their tentacles tucked in?

Monday 26 April 2010

Hewlett Packard Rip Off.

Resist felt, originally uploaded by dogdaisy92.

Apologies for showing this again almost two years after I first showed it.
I shouldn't really be blogging as I have nothing to say but am very miffed that my laptop has bitten the dust.

Well..actually its only the screen light but just have a guess at what Hewlett Packard will charge as s standard fee for a repair?
Go on.
Just have a guess.
I bet you can't.

Two hundred and fifty something pounds.

Friday 23 April 2010

Creative Stitches and Hobby craft

All this weekend its the Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft Exhibition at Aintree Racecourse.
I was there yesterday (thursday) helping to put our group exhibition up.
My knee is testament to the number of times I ran up the ladder.
This is my bit of the show. On the right.

I made about a dozen brooches to sell and I had a call this evening from the member who was on duty today who tells me that 7 of them sold and do I have any more?

I'm on duty tomorrow

I hope for two things:
That my knee will improve
That I won't get lost on the journey like I did on Thursday.

Oh and number three..that I meet a friendly blogger or two.

Thursday 22 April 2010

The written 'you'

This had been brilliant.
Thank you so much for taking part and producing such a varied and entertaining response.
I was a bit worried I'd bitten off more than I could chew; set myself up as some sort of handwriting afficianado , but its been a lot of fun.
(I hope you don't mind that I've uploaded this to flickr . Please let me know if you object .)

There are still people joining in so I'll put them on the list.
Some people want to do it every week but I don't think I could keep it up.
I suppose we could start a blog with lots of members who can post handwriting whenever they feel like it.

There are still one or two to do it but I've collected them together to show what a varied result we had.

I learnt a lot.
I actually sat and read each one much more carefully and feeling more engaged than I would when I read the usual spell checked perfect text. I read some with a smile on my face and some with a tear in my eye.

I don't know about you but I felt as if the real person was speaking to me.

That many of you enjoyed the challenge but are very grateful for the PC

That we all worry about what will remain in the future when we have no letters left for our descendants to discover, but merely defunct laptops and non compatible memory sticks.

That there a lot of left handed bloggers who had a struggle and were discouraged from using their left hand.

That we are all wimps and get writers cramp after half a page.

I found a lot of new bloggers and I think you all found new bloggers too. I felt a bit like a party hostess introducing one to another and watching while you met each other. Then you introduced me to new people.
Its a real chain event and I am meeting bloggers from two or three blogs 'removed' .

I was greatly entertained by the different ways you presented your handwriting.
Poems, shopping lists, childhood games, recipes, notes to accompany doodles, German Homework, quilters wisdom.

What fun.
Thank you.
I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. If you have no idea what I'm talking about look here

I still think my writing is awful.

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Reading, Writing and Really bad Arithmetic.

Are you ready?
Who is going to reveal all tomorrow?
Will you do a handwritten post?

I will leave you to decide how best to upload it. A series of photos on the macro setting or a scan. Its up to you.
As long as its in your own handwriting.
In my previous life trapped in the Classroom with 30 children, I used to enjoy the differences in their writing and would often open a book and know exactly who it belonged to.
There were those with teeny tiny writing, some with huge round, others backhand, some poorly developed and hard to read and so on.

Its just a thought that we never see that side of each other and everything is all typed and spell checked to the point of sterility.
In the old days we would write something out in rough prior to typing it up. Today we can type it in rough and copy it out by hand.

So, tools at the ready, please turn over your papers. Start writing now. (Or when you want)

There is a list of those who have said they'll join in on the page called 'Handwriting' above. Or click the Handwriting picture top right toolbar.

Now for the somewhat embarrassing really bad Arithmetic.

- 894

NOT '6'.
So, even though some kind people have 'hearted' my etsy shop to get me up to 1000 hearts there is some way to go as I misread the 8 as a 9.

Thank you for all your support over yesterdays unpleasantness.

I feel very sorry for the woman but I have done nothing wrong.

Monday 19 April 2010


Yes for the rest of this month everything yes everything will be subject to a 10% refund in my etsy shop .
Yes that 10% off everything in my ETSY SHOP.

Whew! Does that get the message over?
Would I make it as a Saatchi and Saatchi ad campaign designer? I think not.
Seriously, I was a bit worried when I suddenly realised when I was sitting here feeling smug because hadn't booked a holiday(but of course very sympathetic with those stuck in foreign places), and it hit me that etsy will suffer due to no airmail capability. So to encourage those who don't mind waiting until the dust settles I thought I'd have a bit of a sale.

Talking of eruptions and dust and so on.. I am sitting here feeling very odd.

I have had a TRULY HORRIBLE evening on etsy.
I was just checking how many hearts I had on etsy and realised I only need 7 to get to 1000 so I was feeling quite smug when I received a very unpleasant message from an ETSY seller who I had NEVER seen..or at least if I had I didn't remember, accusing me of infringement of her designs.
I canvassed a few of my online buddies in all corners of the globe to get their opinion and they all agree that my work is my work. How could I have copied when I hadn't even seen it?I agree that there are one or two similarities but its pure coincidence.
Do you remember this post?
And the handwriting thing..I hadn't seen the other blog that mentioned it until I read about it afterwards on Arlee's blog, but happened at the same time as I thought of it.
But to be asked not to make
'Leaves with the lines round them with what looks like sewing pins sticking out of them, and the double lines divided into sections'

anymore because they were what she does was the pits.
Remember I hadn't seen her work.
I felt like I'd been hit by a lava flow I can tell you.
Well I'll tell you how bad it is...I haven't eaten and it takes some doing to put me off my food.

Friday 16 April 2010


Well they didn't make it to a big piece.
Thanks for all your suggestions.
I tried but I must say that I really do like them as individual little gems.
This one has been added to a duck egg cuff and is now in my ETSY shop.

The one below which goes quite well with the cuff is now a brooch and is also listed.

See, they look nice together I think.
Ooh must go back and edit the listing. I forgot to mention the fragments of silk fibres on the mustard.

This little oddment will be joining them but I am just having a break from listing..its a bind.

I had a deviation from the blue green and will be listing this ....

Now, the larger pieces would not go together without arguing so I gave them each their very own naughty step.*

I still call them one piece though.

I think the green growing out of the black is reminiscent of the Season.
New shoots and all that?

And there's even a bit of white for the snow blanket that covered them and kept them warm

I just need a title.
'Unfurling trio' ?
'Three bursts of Growth'?
'Spring thoughts'

Or sometimes I think they are like all the little things that came out of Pandoras box, but they were bad things weren't they?
Someone on TV has just said 'Hope'.
Thats the last thing that came out of the box and thats what I'll call them.
I must find a better way of phrasing that to include a reference to the three.

EDIT: They just won first in the Coats Anchor Award at the NW regional day.

These are easy..


post on Wednesday?
will you?

I really have a strange story about this.
Arlee did hers last week and when I read it I discovered that Cynjon, a blogger I had never seen, had suggested it a few weeks ago.
I hadn't seen it.
Isn't it strange?

*Not really steps..they are little 6x4 inch box canvases.

Tuesday 13 April 2010


Today I have mostly been making...

more of the same.


....that they are not the same.

Please ignore the holey pre used canvas.

Instead apply your thinking cap...

My original plan was to place a whole lot of these shapes on a background, but these, being longer and thinner and altogether more elegant, do not look right with the others.

Now I'm wondering if I should make the previous, rounder, and more leaf -like shapes into brooches.

But what then should I do with these?
I have a whole other set sitting on canvases in my ETSY shop doing nothing.
And now I have piles of these.

Piles of them.


and Mmmmm?

Don't forget to tell everyone about the Handwriting next week.
Click the link at the top to find out more.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.