Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Reading, Writing and Really bad Arithmetic.

Are you ready?
Who is going to reveal all tomorrow?
Will you do a handwritten post?

I will leave you to decide how best to upload it. A series of photos on the macro setting or a scan. Its up to you.
As long as its in your own handwriting.
In my previous life trapped in the Classroom with 30 children, I used to enjoy the differences in their writing and would often open a book and know exactly who it belonged to.
There were those with teeny tiny writing, some with huge round, others backhand, some poorly developed and hard to read and so on.

Its just a thought that we never see that side of each other and everything is all typed and spell checked to the point of sterility.
In the old days we would write something out in rough prior to typing it up. Today we can type it in rough and copy it out by hand.

So, tools at the ready, please turn over your papers. Start writing now. (Or when you want)

There is a list of those who have said they'll join in on the page called 'Handwriting' above. Or click the Handwriting picture top right toolbar.

Now for the somewhat embarrassing really bad Arithmetic.

- 894

NOT '6'.
So, even though some kind people have 'hearted' my etsy shop to get me up to 1000 hearts there is some way to go as I misread the 8 as a 9.

Thank you for all your support over yesterdays unpleasantness.

I feel very sorry for the woman but I have done nothing wrong.


connie said...

Absolutely nothing!!! I love your work and I will try and do the handwriting thing but at this point I am doing calligraphy on 55 wedding invitations so I am tired of writing!!! Have a great week. :-)

menopausalmusing said...

Just give me her name and I'll get her behind the bike sheds! Do you want that in writing? :O)

I'm "in" tomorrow... shall hit the "send" button, but be warned, my handwriting is even more erratic than my hormones!


Lyn said...

Would love to join in!
Will post it tomorrow-with a bit of luck and a fair wind!
Be warned my handwriting not up to much!

Heather said...

Bestest writing being polished for tomorrow, but please don't set us any sums!!

Robin Mac said...

Gosh Jackie, can you punch her on the nose through the ether? Of course your work is your own, it is gorgeous. I will have a go at the handwriting in a couple of hours' time. cheers, Robin

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, I'll join this too and add my scrawl to my blog somehow...I guess if we could add a drawing too instead of a photo...if one could draw!

Soggibottom said...

I wouldn't worry about it Jackie.
Any three bars of music you hear has been copied from somewhere before.
Smile and over your head eh...... x x x I'm sure there are worse things in life to get stressed about :-)
Like the idea of handwritten posts.
I'm not around tomorrow, but great idea.

Dee / Cloth Company said...

Hi Jackie, just read about your etsy misadventure... gross. really gross.
one of the things I LOVE about your work is how unique it is, and I've spent some (too many?) hours trolling around etsy (BTW I'll add you as a fave when I'm through here)...
wrote something to post to blog in ink on paper, but it will take romorrow's energy to see how to do it.

Marigold Jam said...

I have joined in! Posted today - thanks for suggesting we try this!


Numinosity said...

I'll try to catch up on my handwriting assignment. I was on a little trip out of the country. I have lots to write about now.


Jill said...

Hello - caught you through Jane at 'M'Jam' and Menapausal Cathy - and have handwritten a post too.
Aren't people unkind(re your etsy stuff) I think is gorgeous and inspirational. I am sure there is nothing truly unique on etsy or anywhere else in the creative field - everything comes from sonmething.

Ann Summerville said...

I stopped by your blog today. I am planning on adding a handwritten blog at some time - great idea. As far as the unpleasantness. Put it behind you, accept that people who are mean have to live with themselves and you do not. Plunge into a bowl of ice cream and enjoy all the lovely comments you have received.
Ann Summerville
Cozy In Texas

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