Tuesday 15 October 2013


 When confronted with a bag full of delicious colours I wouldn't normally use, I get all excited. 
Thats what happened last week when I went into college to teach felt making to two groups of A level students.
 We opened the new  consignment of wool. Oohh...delicious colours fell out. 
I was in paroxyms of delight, they not so thrilled. 

I looked at their lovely little faces looking up at me from around the table and it reminded me of this.

After they'd all made their first piece of felt, I showed them how to build up a design using pre-felts.
Mine was all delicate and feminine..like sugared almonds.
(The background is not meant to harmonise so well...my white balance is all to pot but I don't know how to alter it)

 It didn't look much before I stitched it. But I like it now.

 I repeated the exercise with the second group in the afternoon and made another. 
So I still have that one to stitch. 

 Isn't it funny though, the difference between me and a class of students? (Apart from their lack of wobble when felt rolling) They made their own pieces of pre-felt and cut bits off them and made their main piece, and when they went, they just left the prefelts behind! 
So obviously, though they gave a good impression of enjoying the lesson,  they had no intention of repeating the exercise.
I think I have come to the end of the line with young students now. I shall retire from the classroom graciously.

And now I have a while lot of prefelts ready made. 

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