Thursday 30 April 2015

Last day of the Month.

Well it seems my blog has become a monthly event. So once more I'm just in time for the month. I almost forgot that April has only 30 days.

Sadly some of those days saw the demise of these trees.

 The Methodist church is (are?) hoping to build an extension and after showing everyone the plans,  and in answer to everyone's questions "Are you chopping the trees down?, they said 'some'. However they took the lot away. Half of them were already down when I took this photo.

And here's what its like now. I suppose we have a better view of the moors now, and the only blots on the landscape are the two garish signs, also belonging to the church.

Opinion around and about is divided, with some people 'Thrilled to bits' because they won't have to sweep the leaves and others (mainly me) horrified. 
Oh Hetty is non-committal and just liked looking out to see all the activity. Can you see her in the window?

I had a long and heated discussion with the Methodist minister who said 'You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. I wish I'd had the presence of mind to tell him I don't mind going without the omelette. I'm sure the extension will be a big advantage to them, of course, but perhaps not the 'asset for the whole village' they might imagine.

As a result of the discussion there are now signs plastered onto the front of the church calling it 'tree replacement' because they are planting more they say.

Anyway I'm over it.
I have to be.

Earlier in the month, on Easter saturday, we saw the 'Chorley Grand Prix'. We all stood outside and watched a huge number of very serious cyclists hurtle up the hill...

....five times! They did 5 circuits of some very steep hilly places.
Notice the trees?

At the back of the house we had exciting goings-on with a blackbirds nest, and all was going swimmingly with two little comedy beaks sticking out, and much to-ing and fro-ing, when the evil thing happened in the form of our horrible cat who brought in one of the babies. They must have fledged and hung around on the path. Poor thing. Hopefully there's still one baby around somewhere.

I'm also forcing myself to be 'over' that . But it did make me sad.

At the start of April we had a trip out for number two son's birthday. We picked him up in Manchester where there was a superb city sunset..I missed the actual sun in this photo!

He lives in this super duper environmentally friendly block. They have a huge curved lounge window and I don't think they ever need to put their heating on.

When teh sun shone last Saturday we had a lovely late lunch at Wilfs cafe in Stavely and then on to Grasmere, for a beautiful walk all around the lake. 
There's a lovely wooded riverside walk before the lake, with bridges, 

and then we walked back along the road and back through the woods, where, by this time, there were whole families having barbecues on the river bank.
It was a lovely day.

Closer to fact actually at home of course..I've been making. I made some felt in palest seashell inspired colours and I've made some seashell-inspired brooches. I'm testing a few of them on  Etsy at the moment.

I've also made more pieces for wallhangings.


Just in time
My April blog post just minutes before midnight!

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