Tuesday, 21 February 2012

This and that.

Etsy is a great place isn't it? I have had these pieces in my ETSY shop more or less since I started it. They've had a lot of comments 'faves' and treasuries and now they've gone.

Bittersweet really. They brought me in some lovely and much needed cash. (Remember we spent all our money on a dog!) but still it was quite sad to see them go.

 When I got them out to pack them, I loved them all over again. It always happens. I had forgotten what they were like. The background is silk paper I made ages ago and they have a lot of stitching on.
 They are loosely inspired by fifties decor.
 I hope the buyer likes them.
I've sold quite a number of larger pieces lately on ETSY. The feedback has been very positive.
Its a great feeling.
Now feast your eyes. I went to Hebden Bridge last week and came upon this gorgeous florists. I don't think they had a bright or stiff carnation in the place. Everywhere was subtle and natural. Just gorgeous.

The photos speak for themselves.

This is the canal in Hebden Bridge. Can you spot the Heron?

I found a good place to park which gave this lovely view of the industrial archeology.
Its a very interesting place where I meet my blog buddy Helen from 'A Time to Dance' blog. We sit and eat cake and then wander round the shops.

I didn't buy a thing, because my house is full.

I recently acquired a small cupboard I'd had my eye on for some time which I knew was going to be thrown out at church. I measured across it and had just the place for it. 
Unfortunately I didn't measure the depth...so now its in the wash-house pending relocation.

That'll teach me.
Puppy class tonight. Cant wait.
Hope Hetty behaves.

Friday, 10 February 2012


Harris Twed bags made their appearance again last weekend to bulk out my stand at the craft fair and give a bit of rest to the eye between having to cast it over hundreds of teeny things.
I mentioned this on facebook but instead of talking about my stand I called it a 'stall'. this gave rise to a comment for a 'Ned Scrumpo' to the effect that there's nothing like a load of bags on a stall'. 
Hmm. I couldn't decide whether this was a rude comment or not but if you google 'him' and read his blog you'll see he is a fan of lavatorial humour...so I'm afraid I was very mean and deleted his comment. I mean...if you are leaving slightly dubious comments on embroiderers pages and describe yourself as a 'miserable old git' whats that all about?
However his blog is quite funny and perhaps I do take myself too seriously.

Anyway back to the bags.
This one has winged its way to a new home already. Gorgeous Blue and olive Harris tweed and lime and royal velvet are the ingredients.

The two below are available in my shop see link to the right.
 This one is a lovely mixed Tweed windowpane check and I had fun adding rust Tweed to match and a turquoise lining.

 Finally a bright eye catching pink/maroon/lilac/orange tweed. I bought this tweed in Harris itself. When I saw it I almost squealed with excitement its so lovely. I had just the exact pink velvet to add to it.

 Now do you remember this wool I received from Elizabthe Armstrong? I made green and some pink and orange felt from it.
 Then I had a little play and made a corsage from it which I kept off the blog as I sent it to Elizabeth.
She received it so I can show it now. I was quite pleased with it and so was she. I put a huge pin on the back rather like a large safety pin with a pad at the top. I might make these to order. A lot of work.
Well back to real life.
We are off to the West of Ireland in a few weeks. We asked if we could take Hetty. 
The Cottage owners said yes. 
The ferry company said yes.
My friend who is coming with me for a few days said 'Yes, do '
So when I had to take my Mum to the hospital for a physio session (she's dislocated her shoulder) I thought I'd take Hetty  with me to get her used to being in the car.
She was sick on the way there.
And sick on the way home.
I think the ferry might be a step too far.

Monday, 6 February 2012

The Day After the Fair

 Yawn yawn I hear you say. Another stall picture. 
Well it was a lovely craft fair if a little chilly , and I met a lot of lovely friends,and blog readers (Hello Chris, Hello Barbara! )  and was  very lucky to be among such delightful people. 

 Selling wasn't what you might call brisk but it was steady  and I seemed to sell a lot of 'one offs' and just one or two of each item.

 The Park ay Astley Hall looked wonderful in the mist, and the sun actually shone later in the day.

 There is a super cafe and I availed myself of its facilities! (On more than one occasion!) 
 Now I've stuffed my etsy shop full to the brim with all the things I made last week and more besides.These Harris Tweed hearts are appropriate for the time of year. 
 They will be there tomorrow..I'm off out in a minute so haven't time to finish listing.
 I really like them with the beads around the edge, but I love tweed anyway and with Velvet added...well...what can you say?
The sale is over for the General public, but if you are a blog reader you may continue with the 20% discount code TWENTYTWELVE
Click HERE to go to my shop.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hearty Cheers

Valentines Day and the Chorley Contemporary Crafters big Crafty Takeover at Astley Hall approacheth.
And I'm ready!
Reddy I should say...reddy reddy red red.

Not only that but I have resurrected the leaves I made a very few of two or maybe even three years ago.

They are a bit fiddly to make but I do like them.

This is my favourite.I used lots of snips of velvet in colours I'd almost run out of.

The same with greens and yellows.

More hearts in other subtler colours.

There's got to be purple hasn't there?

Caramel anyone?


On my stall there'll be Tweets and Tweed bags and silk cuffs and tweed brooches..and then there are all the other lovely stalls and lovely people....come and see for yourselves.

Its good to sit at the sewing machine when the weather is bitter outside, and then go out and find little works of nature's art in the garden.

This why we have to go in the garden...often! (And not always in time)

We had such fun at puppy training last night. A room full of baby doggies? Its the best thing ever.
Hetty was very good and had especial fun when Ferdinand,  a little Laso apso decide to practice his humping skills on her! 

    We were wondering what we might call the offspring, 
you know, like cockerpoo, and Labradoodle.
   'Schnapso' was the best we could do. 
Fortunately we won't have to worry about that due to their age. 
Ferdinand didn't really know what he was doing!

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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