Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hearty Cheers

Valentines Day and the Chorley Contemporary Crafters big Crafty Takeover at Astley Hall approacheth.
And I'm ready!
Reddy I should say...reddy reddy red red.

Not only that but I have resurrected the leaves I made a very few of two or maybe even three years ago.

They are a bit fiddly to make but I do like them.

This is my favourite.I used lots of snips of velvet in colours I'd almost run out of.

The same with greens and yellows.

More hearts in other subtler colours.

There's got to be purple hasn't there?

Caramel anyone?


On my stall there'll be Tweets and Tweed bags and silk cuffs and tweed brooches..and then there are all the other lovely stalls and lovely people....come and see for yourselves.

Its good to sit at the sewing machine when the weather is bitter outside, and then go out and find little works of nature's art in the garden.

This why we have to go in the garden...often! (And not always in time)

We had such fun at puppy training last night. A room full of baby doggies? Its the best thing ever.
Hetty was very good and had especial fun when Ferdinand,  a little Laso apso decide to practice his humping skills on her! 

    We were wondering what we might call the offspring, 
you know, like cockerpoo, and Labradoodle.
   'Schnapso' was the best we could do. 
Fortunately we won't have to worry about that due to their age. 
Ferdinand didn't really know what he was doing!
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