Monday, 6 February 2012

The Day After the Fair

 Yawn yawn I hear you say. Another stall picture. 
Well it was a lovely craft fair if a little chilly , and I met a lot of lovely friends,and blog readers (Hello Chris, Hello Barbara! )  and was  very lucky to be among such delightful people. 

 Selling wasn't what you might call brisk but it was steady  and I seemed to sell a lot of 'one offs' and just one or two of each item.

 The Park ay Astley Hall looked wonderful in the mist, and the sun actually shone later in the day.

 There is a super cafe and I availed myself of its facilities! (On more than one occasion!) 
 Now I've stuffed my etsy shop full to the brim with all the things I made last week and more besides.These Harris Tweed hearts are appropriate for the time of year. 
 They will be there tomorrow..I'm off out in a minute so haven't time to finish listing.
 I really like them with the beads around the edge, but I love tweed anyway and with Velvet added...well...what can you say?
The sale is over for the General public, but if you are a blog reader you may continue with the 20% discount code TWENTYTWELVE
Click HERE to go to my shop.
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