Tuesday, 21 February 2012

This and that.

Etsy is a great place isn't it? I have had these pieces in my ETSY shop more or less since I started it. They've had a lot of comments 'faves' and treasuries and now they've gone.

Bittersweet really. They brought me in some lovely and much needed cash. (Remember we spent all our money on a dog!) but still it was quite sad to see them go.

 When I got them out to pack them, I loved them all over again. It always happens. I had forgotten what they were like. The background is silk paper I made ages ago and they have a lot of stitching on.
 They are loosely inspired by fifties decor.
 I hope the buyer likes them.
I've sold quite a number of larger pieces lately on ETSY. The feedback has been very positive.
Its a great feeling.
Now feast your eyes. I went to Hebden Bridge last week and came upon this gorgeous florists. I don't think they had a bright or stiff carnation in the place. Everywhere was subtle and natural. Just gorgeous.

The photos speak for themselves.

This is the canal in Hebden Bridge. Can you spot the Heron?

I found a good place to park which gave this lovely view of the industrial archeology.
Its a very interesting place where I meet my blog buddy Helen from 'A Time to Dance' blog. We sit and eat cake and then wander round the shops.

I didn't buy a thing, because my house is full.

I recently acquired a small cupboard I'd had my eye on for some time which I knew was going to be thrown out at church. I measured across it and had just the place for it. 
Unfortunately I didn't measure the depth...so now its in the wash-house pending relocation.

That'll teach me.
Puppy class tonight. Cant wait.
Hope Hetty behaves.

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