Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas wishes

The last minute tree is up.
We don't do minimal. If its in the box its on the tree!

I so enjoyed getting out allthe gorgeous decorations made possible by blogland. Thank you Sesga, Mary Anne, Sid Simpson, for my lovely decorations.

And on the 'pot rack'
 glorious Christmas clutter made even more chaotic by the addition of cards.

 If you want minimal you have to go into THE FRONT ROOM.

 Celebrating the arrival of the new chair,( and sofa not shown in this picture )

 Wait till we light the stove..

 will the poinsettia survive?

I've been to 'Midnight Mass' (5 o'clock and wonderful) I've peeled all the veg for tomorrow, cleaned the house, wrapped the presents and I'm ready. 

Happy Christmas everyone. Thank you for all your support and lovely comments always. 
I love you all!!!
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