Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Happy New(ish) Year

Since I've had a couple of comments asking me where I am this is a quick picture-less post to say I'm fine and thinking, scheming, and planning my online course.

I've been out and bought a video camera.
I've just set up a Big Cartel Shop (Nothing in it yet)
I've placed an order for wool tops from Wingham Wool Works and when it arrives I'll make the first video, hopefully, starting with feltmaking.

Details of how to buy the course will be on here when its ready.  It will be about 6 weeks, about 10 videos, and there will be a break at the end of February while I soak up some Irish landscape and music, then back to it second week of March.

It will be for watching, or for making along with me and the videos will be available for at least 6 months. Maybe more. It will start with feltmaking, touch on using prefelts, creating felts to stitch on; designing for stitch, introduction to machine embroidery, a bit of hand stitching and finishing and mounting.

Anyway I'm sure not everyone reading this is all that interested in the above.

Our Christmas was OK. I persuaded my Mum to stay the night , I made a heavenly Christmas dinner , turkey and all the trimmings and at about 6 o'clock I had to go to bed because I was streaming with a cold and felt lousy. What a shame for my Mum. Still she was in good company with my lovely boys and husband, and Hetty and Jools looked after her too!

Oh yes! I can show a picture. My younger son is now on a 'proper' living wage and so we got some super dooper presents this year , I was the luckiest Mum with these in my metaphorical stocking.
The other thing we got for Christmas was the balls off our gatepost returned! Now its not huge news and I have to say they're more trouble than they are worth in terms of ensuring that they don't disappear again. We haven't stuck them back on yet. They were at a reclamation yard and I went with a policeman (after a tip off by a builder friend) and we recovered them. Of course, the owner just couldn't remember who sold them to him.


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