Thursday, 16 January 2014

Real stuff now.

Well I've been so preoccupied with planning my online class that I couldn't think of much else. 
But now its getting going (Five wonderful students already! I can't believe it!)  I can at last think of other stuff.
(My course isn't brooch making)

You know whats coming up soon don't you?

 Well I've had an order from a lovely Gallery in the South of England for some Valentine brooches.

 I have really enjoyed making these. Every time I embark on a new batch, I seem to somehow achieve new colours to fall in love with. I just love the bluey-greyish ones above. They remind me of cool winter skies. 
My latest favourite colour combination can be blamed on a house down the road with a light blue door and brown woodwork!

And this lilac velvet is just gorgeous in real life.

Who can resist a red heart for Valentines? 

 yum yum. I love them all! It doesn't often happen like that but I do. 
I have to choose 20 to send off to the Gallery.

 I've also been working on a bit of a different sort of piece. 
I'm not sure I like it yet. 

 It needs more stitching to bring it all together. I thought I'd try some discordant colours.

 A long way to go yet.

Thats the fun bit!
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