Monday, 29 October 2012


It seems a while!
Thank you all you lovely commenters. I hope I managed to reply to everyone.

I seem to have been making nothing but brooches lately . Time for a bit of a change. I started with the felt motif as usual.

Can you tell what it is yet? As Rolf would say.
I stole a bit of delicious jade linen from some yards I had for curtains because I just knew it would be right for it.
A lightweight roomy shopper.
I made one a couple of years ago when I went to Ally Pally and I was actually recognised by it!
Here it is.

(Ooh I just went back to 'that post'..I can't believe how long ago it was.2009 was 'the weird year' for me  with tremendous ups and downs. I read it again and all the 40 comments and it was a lovely reminder of some bloggers and a friend who I seem to have 'lost').

Its something I still use regularly, its crumpled but its useful! I take it to shows in my handbag and then when I have bought stuff it gets swapped and I put my handbag inside it. Its a bit like Mary Poppins' carpet bag and holds more than you might imagine.
(Its currently doing its duty as the dog class bag..toting the brush, the toy, the treats, the poo bags, and the vaccination certificates every tuesday night to the place where we feel like failures! Hetty has NOT been entered for the bronze test tomorrow.."sob" I am mortified..Hetty doesn't care a fig)

Anyway I thought I'd cut down on making time by using lovely cream webbing for the long handles.
I love the look of them against the jade.

I love the deliciously soft linen-y crumply-ness which I must say isn't as pronounced as it looks in this picture.
Its been so dull here since I made it I couldn't get a good picture so I hope this will do.

Also: many thanks to all who click the 'top blogs by crafters' button in my sidebar. I am hovering between first and second on the list at the moment and its all down to those who click!

(Update: it seems the button isn't loading its picture at the moment. Its the one below the words that say I'm hovering between top and second..)
Bye for now.

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