Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Full stop or comma?

Just how many pictures of the the same thing scan one blog post risk?

 I just like making these these so much.

 The black one is difficult to photograph so I've put them all in!

 Sidey slidey view

 And then a little Paisley job with it.

 I like the assymetrical nature of these. the pale blue and blue has a quirky outline.

 The black ones are backed with moire. Ooh nice.

Sadly these have to come to a standstill while I try to source some more brooch backs like these
I've found some over the other side of the world and I've bought them but they might take two or three weeks to get here, so these will be the last for quite a while.

 Now here's where the camera does lie...this pink is beeee-ooo-teee-ful. But the picture isn't.

 Lets try one on the kitchen table.

Ooh . Yummy!
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