Sunday, 30 September 2012

In the Zone

These days sadly for this blog, my first stop for posting my photographs is Facebook. 
For those who don't use it, I have a normal facebook account for everyday stuff that only friends can see, and I have a 'page' for anyone to look at with just my textile work on it.  (Update for all those who asked its here: Jackie Cardy textiles )
It can be 'liked' by people and on Friday morning I had about 820 likes.
Then I uploaded these pictures and suddenly there was an absolute torrent of comments, likes, shares and now I have 960 likers.
For those of you who do use facebook I expect you'll be sick of the sight of these by now!

 Now, I'm not vain  enough to think that this actually means anything significant but its shown me that these pieces were well received so I must be doing something right!
When I made them I did feel as though I was 'In The Zone' which is an expression my son used once when I told him I'd had a very high score in tetris.

 Often when I sit down at my machine I can make what look like 'the same' sorts of thing but they just lack a little something and don't thrill me .
These did. I just love the way the colours work together somehow. Especially the leaf with the yellow centre on the left. It had a lovely blend of lime and jade down the side that was unexpectedly delicious.
I had made all these pieces as a selection for the delightful Lazyhill Gallery in Abbotsbury, Dorset, but when I showed them to Rachel for her to choose she wanted them all! 
I am so grateful.
Meanwhile I will be making some similar ones for other places.....if I am in the zone again.

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