Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hear ye..hear ye....

Let it be known among all those e-present that the fair ladies from the Guild of Embroiderers within the borough of The City of Preston request your company to view their handwork at Barton Grange Commencing today 20th September and proceeding for one week hence.

I thought since we were at the end of Preston Guild I'd try a bit of a proclamation. Sorry if I got the language wrong but I'm sure you get the gist. We spent a very tiring but very pleasant day yesterday hanging the exhibition without any fuss in a spirit of getting the job done. The Barton Grange Staff were wonderfully helpful. 
I must say the exhibition looks superb with something for everyone.
We had lunch together in the cafe there, delicious and we packed up just in time for cake-o-clock and went home shattered but satisfied. Now all we need are visitors to see our efforts.

In the meantime I have been working on my usual, and come up with a plan.
I have made a whole lot of pieces to be made into brooches but suddenly wondered if anyone might want to buy them as 'patches' to do with what they will?
So I've decided to have a patches sale. If you wander over to my etsy shop in about an hour from now..(of course that all depends on when you read this but lets say Thursday tea time BST)there will be sets of patches available.
Here are a few photos.
First a foursome in pinks and greens.
 Then two of the 'hattifattners'
 and two more
 Here are two made in the Charleston-inspired felt that didn't quite make it to the final piece .
 two tropical garden types.
 a round and a leaf
And as I don't have all the fuss and bother of making them into brooches, adding backings and  trimming, they will be considerably less expensive.

There are of course other things I have made into brooches. 
Because I have to imagine what other people might like I try different  colour combinations and sometimes I surprise myself. 

 Who would have thought this dull black with splashes of olive felt when combined with olive velvet would be so.....
..............I have to admit ...stunning. I love it.
I surprised myself.
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