Saturday, 15 September 2012

Inspired by Charleston

 This felt has appeared before.
 Its mellow palette was inspired by the interior of Charleston Farmhouse Sussex which we visited just before this time last year. 
I had been thinking about what to do with it and recently I got down to it and produced a whole pile of little pieces as is my wont....which I then stitched to a background.
 Near to it was ok, but from a distance....
 too confusing.
So I made a nice neutral piece of felt, got out my un-picker and re-positioned the pieces.

 I am really quite delighted with the outcome.
 Thought I'd share.

 It looks sort of Heraldic

 Well....anyway..there it is.

However funds this year did not stretch to that bit of heaven so as I felt the need to be on an Island we went last Sunday to Anglesey in order to walk to Llanddwyn Island. Bu all accounts a very special place. However when we arrived after a 2 and a half hour drive we found there was a dog ban between 1st May and 30th September,  so we were confined to this beach..which was very nice but not Llanddwyn. 
(See the kite surfers? It was windy.)

And definitely not Symi.

I liked this though.

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