Thursday, 1 May 2008

Day 2:The Making of the Paper

Pull out the silk fibres and lay them on a suitable mesh Use a spray bottle (old antibacterial cleaner for example) to spray with adhesive. You can use cellulose paste for a soft water soluble finish, or dilute pva for a more enduring finish.
Fold mesh over on top of the fibres

Rub with spoon to push the glue into the fibres. It must be wet right through. Of course I used my best soupspoon for blog purposes ..couldn't be bothered going upstairs to find bag of old spoons.You might need to turn it over and add more glue.

Finished piece can be lifted off the mesh and left to dry. If you want a straight edge fold the wispy bits in while its wet.

Use different types of silk and soya fibres for different textures.

All the pale greens..looks a bit like cabbage in the photo but its very nice..honestly and makes a lovely base for machine embroidery.

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