Sunday 4 May 2008

Clutter. An Occasional Series.

Unable to ignore the dust on the mantelpiece any longer, I became re-acquainted with these The Old.
Articulated wooden cat, inherited fron my Mother-in-Law , a free gift she got with sweets when she was 4 in the 1920sAnd The New.
Animaniacs .
Acquired by my sons in the early not that new.
Almost Vintage in fact.

They seem to get on quite well together.

I can't possibly de-clutter.


BipolarBunny said...

Spring cleaning is great because you get to re-find all your cool stuff. I really like the cat.

Jackie said...

Thank you CBL. I wondered if it was a waste of blog space to write about stuff thats been hanging around my house for years, but your comment made it all worthwhile!

Victoria said...

That wooden cat is very cool, and even more wonderful that it belonged to your Mother-in-Law as a little girl!
I really like its little bell!

Anonymous said...

Oh, now you've given me an excuse NOT to clear out the garage - which is filled with (others say!) 'junk' from my previous home. I do try occasionally but soon give up - the kids can do it when I'm gone! Thanks a bunch, Jackie, but you've got me spending even MORE time on the computer - bnow I have to check out all the links as well as your lovely stuff. What an interesting and supportive community out there. Must go and do something useful.

Digitalgran said...

Great animals Jackie!
the tea bag paper is lucious and the silk paper piece is beautiful. Those colours are so good together.

gunnelsvensson said...

Welcome to the blogworld Jackie! I will return and look at all your lovely things and of course get a link to you :-)

Beach-Combing Magpie said...

I've just been looking at your beautiful artwork and then saw your inherited funny wooden articulated black cat. I have the same! Mine came from my grandmother, and is holding out quite well considering it's almost 100 years old.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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