Wednesday 21 May 2008

Into the blue

Although the Village I live in isn't the prettiest or the most picturesque, it is in a lovely setting on the West Pennine Moors, a relatively 'undiscovered' area.
There are woodlands for wanderings

and wonderings. Ponds for ponderings (is this a bouquet for a wood nymph?Click on the picture for a closer look, its exquisite and totally natural)
and moorlands for musings and meanderings, and, at this time of the year, listening to the cuckoo.

And of course all this leads to inspiration, and a colour shuffle.

I do my best designs when I am walking with WillowIMG_1211
Willow doesn't see very much these days, but she's good company and keeps her opinions to herself, and plods on stoically even though her legs buckle a bit now and then.
Of course I've forgotten everything by the time I get home, and so has Willow.

So I don't embarrass her with questions.

Talking of questions. Thank you to Lindsay at ethelandednastearoom for tagging me. Her blog is definitely worth a visit.

I've tagged

Laurie at 23 Beechhill
Celia at Cheshire Cheese
Tin can canoe
Ann at Textile Art Showcase

There. I've done it. Nice to have been tagged but nice to have successfully tagged.


Unknown said...

I am fascinated by the way your art flows from your natural surrounding. Your photos are just beautiful and the work inspired by them just as lovely. I enjoyed my visit to your blog very much.

Cda00uk said...

Done my questions - not as easy as they seem!


Lindsey said...

Ooh green and blue - my fave colours... They are fantastic, as are the photos of today's meander. I hope you don't have any more sleepless nights. :0)

Have just have a 'blonde' attach btw. Knew I recognised your work, then flicking back through a sketchbook from last year I found my notes and photos of favourite pieces from 'Riches of Stitches' when it came to Bilston. Say no more! :0)

Cathie said...

What an insightful adaptation of nature and color into textiles. Extraordinary!! (I also love peas and carrots, below)

ACey said...

From this post and some past images I can see that we appreciate the same aspects of the green spectrum. Isn't it wonderful to bring the favorite elements of what we see in nature and work them into our personal style.

Willow seems like a wonderful companion as well.

Anonymous said...

I've really been enjoying your blog. I've added a link to you blog on my page. Let me know if you object. My address is I'm a quilter, stained glass artist and hand dyed that uses all those skills to make jewelry. I also do alot of hand embroidery work. Stop by and see what South Western wisconsin looks like. Chris Daly

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

amazing photos! I love how you used the blues and greens. And poor Willow. I have an 11 year old lab (Norman)-- I often wonder just what he can see thru his cataracts.

jude said...

love how you have paired your words with pictures and color inspiration here.

Victoria said...

Gorgeous photos! Wow!
And I love the creations that they inspired!

Carol said...

Hi Jackie, I just found you via Celia at Cheshire Cheese and your blog is delightful. I make books and I'm interested to see that you make silk paper (amongst other wonderful things). I have the makings and so far haven't got around to trying it but after seeing your sheets of glorious colours I'll have to make time. I agree with you that it's lovely to have people comment on your blog. So many people email me to comment and I'd love them to just put it on the blog but don't like to say so. Greetings from Sydney, Carol.

Pat said...

I have just found your blog this a.m. and find it absolutely fantastic! I love your work and your photos are the is my favorite color! I'm putting you on my favorites list right away. Don't you love this blogging thing? Have a great day....Pat at birdnestontheground

hens teeth said...

jackie ~ you have captured the beauty of our English spring perfectly and how the countryside imitates your stunning work;-)

Jackie said...

Viv what a compliment!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I can see why they inspire your art!

Willow sure is cute!

gunnelsvensson said...

Beautiful colours and stitching! my colours :-)
I have give you an award, read at my blog :-)

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.