Monday, 22 December 2008

The Secret life of Christmas Decorations.

Each year Christmas arrives more quickly than it did the year before.

Is it really 12 months since I got the decorations out?

Each one is laden with memory.
(I'm sorry the pictures are so dark but it didn't seem appropriate to use flash.)

This is one of two paper lanterns from my childhood tree, at least 57 years old and the inspiration for these.

Next is one of a batch we made in 1977, our first Christmas together when we had no money to buy many Christmas decorations. We used a cardboard tube cut into rings and cooking foil.

These are from a trip to Copenhagen in 1984 when I was pregnant with my second son.

And here are my two lovely peg dolls new this year from Sesga, and they will become part of the history of my tree decorations..

This is what happens to your poinsettia when an old blind dog has a good wag a bit too near it.

This is my first blog Christmas and I must say how much I have enjoyed my first 8 months.
The pleasure I have had from reading your blogs has been matched by the friendship support and encouragement you have given me.

I've celebrated, agonised, moaned, complained, puzzled, rejoiced..and you have been ready for me with your comments ..most of which have made me smile and feel grateful to have discovered this amazing world.

I wish all of you my dear friends, readers, contacts, wherever you are, a very peaceful and Happy Christmas.

(Sorry..that sounds so corny..but I really mean it)
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