Thursday, 11 December 2008


This is how my eyes feel at the moment.
I've had my head down working for the weekend and am pinning my hopes on this Craft Market

I should know from experience that they are never what you hoped for so on monday brace yourselves for a dejected Dogdaisy and a full etsy shop.
Actually I put some tweed brooches in my etsy shop last week and have sold two already!
I had another 'idea' two nights ago, that I would make some brooches from just velvet, small and precious like sweeties. No tweed, no silk,

I intended to make 20 this morning but only did 10.

I have been so focussed lately on the craft fair that I have onky just realised that all over blogland people are sending and receiving presents .
I haven't had any time to make presents to send but I have been so lucky to receive one from one of my very favourite bloggers Green Phoenix.
I had been e mailing a friend who has just lost her Mum and was saying that she must be feeling terrible at this time of year, when we always remember lost loved ones, which got me thinking fondly of my father. Then she told me about her mother's cat who had run away from his new home, and she had had to take him in, which her own cats didn't like.
And then I opened my post and found this...

..all wrapped in purple tissue paper inside was this heavenly little creature

and when I turned him over he has the same name as my dad!
Which is funny and lovely and sad all at the same time.

Needless to say I am absolutely thrilled.
Thank you so much Nichola.
Please have look at Nichola's blog not just the cats, because all her work is exquisite.

My work is in a heap in the hall..well that which is finished is anyway.

All I have to do now is make 10 more brooches, 6 little purses and some more tweets, which I hope to hang from these branches drying out on the radiator, which have yet to be painted white.
Last episode of Littel Dorrit tonight.
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