Thursday, 4 December 2008


The target of 4 items a day seemed a bit ambitious, especially since some of them were handbags.
I showed you the first of these in my last post and I have now made 4 altogether.

I just heard Anna Freud, (a poet and daughter of amazing artist Lucien) on Women's hour.
(Is that apostrophe correct? Women is already plural and the s makes it possesive...)
She was talking about her time as an embroiderer, and how she might put two colours together, say a peach and a dove grey, and the effect would be amazing and unexpected and thats why she loved it so much.
Take that peach further until it becomes orange, and the dove grey becomes turquoise, and voila!

I have devised some other bags with three 'bullseyes'. The centre bullseye is on a flap that comes over from the back to fasten it.

More unexpected colour thrills.
In this tweed below there is a blue grey thread among the weave, so I added blue grey velvet.

I've cut into the precious bright tweeds for these bags.

I loved the bullseyes so much I made a whole lot of brooches.

I sat watching TV last night fraying the edges.

(Oh I do love Matthew McFadyen as Mr Clenham in 'Little Dorrit'. Does anyone else find his acting incredible? He can change his expression so imperceptibly and subtly that you hardly notice, but know exactly how 'Mr Clenham' feels. Sorry non-UK friends who can't see it)

It seems a pity to be unweaving all the Harris tweed edges, and its very hard to fray a circle.

They were such fun to make and I kept the backs simple, no extra fabrics or stitching so I can keep them down in price.

So, thats 8 bags, 12 tweed brooches, plus a couple of hearts I've sent off for people, since Sunday afternoon.

And I was out most of Tuesday.

I hope it doesn't count as mass production.

But don't mention the housework or the ironing.

I have a wardrobe full of empty hangers and a spare room full of crumpled clothes.
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