Tuesday 16 December 2008

The Day of Reckoning

This post is an homage to
Tomorrow I am going Christmas Shopping with my Mum.
The meaning of Christmas shopping is this:
I, who have no money to spare, will rack my brains to find presents for my nearest and dearest who also have no money to spare,
who will be out wracking their brains to find something to buy for me.
In some ways I am looking forward to it.
But I know I will be expected to choose something for Christmas.
This will probably be, in utter desperation, clothes.
I will be unsuccesful for the following reason:
Once when I was making a jacket, I bought a multisize pattern.
You had to measure your height and your width and cut the corresponding size.
I measured my height: a size eight.
I measured my width: a size twenty.
I gave up.
As I will tomorrow.
Wish me luck.
(And don't forget..you can do your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your own home in etsy and folksy...if you hurry and are in the UK)


nimblejacks said...

how about baking them?? Not the family, the gifts obviously:D I'm on mothville in my purse now so as I can bake a few family members said they'd love a baked prezzie as something differnet. Mum in law is having mini pannettone, not all dry like the bought ones little juicy baby ones, another recipent is having a cookie jar full of peanut butter and organic chocolate melting mouthful of cookies. Not expensive, much more thougthful, and can be shared around. clairexx

Threadspider said...

Food presents are a great idea-especially jars you can dicker up with fancy tops and dare I say it, velvet embossed tags. Lots of mine are getting jam and pickles and things made in "the glut", but there are all kinds of late chutney recipes you can make.And fudge and shortbread dipped in chocolate too.Sorry-getting carried away. Good luck with whatever you choose.

Daisie said...

We only buy for children these days and people only buy for our children (not us) except of course our parents as we are technically their children (still)?!

I buy for my sister, who is childless, and asked what she'd like this year. She said she'd buy something for herself if I agreed to do the same. Ta-dah!! You know you'll get something you really like!!

Food is good, make some mince pies and stick them in a fancy box!

Will be thinking of you shopping tomorrow!

Thanks for the pattern anecdote, made me choke on my peppermint tea!!


Lindsey said...

I always do as I'm told. I've just been and done some Christmas shopping at this fab little shop on etsy called DogDaisyChains :o)

Ann Christy said...

You always make me laugh Jackie - especially the anecdote about the pattrrn - knowing you means that I know that you and I are a similiar build and I too have the same problem - that bit about one size fits all - simply isn't true - they should be done for trades description if you ask me. Good luck with your shopping!!!!

Kitty said...

I'm just compiling a list of the 'final bits' I need (present-wise) and will brave town tomorrow. Think of me. It's not good out there. I think perhaps I should wear a tin hat?


Wabbit said...

Jackie, I love the Harris Tweets! They're wonderful and have such a clever name! And I'm very pleased for you having done well at the fair.

I've reached the point where I've done enough Christmas shopping to be really tired of it and certain that I've forgotten something really important which means I'll either have to actually set foot in an actual store or pay horrendous last-minute overnight shipping charges! I've just been clicking and then opening the door for deliverymen two days later.

Good luck in your shopping! HUGS, Marilyn

silverpebble said...

Good luck! Sounds daunting when you describe it like that but for so many of us it's true! Hope it goes well. Some great bakey tips in the other comments - I might try them myself!

Victoria said...

Good luck and I wish you great success! I personally don't care for shopping, and easily feel overwhelmed with the pressure of Christmas shopping. As for clothes shopping, I dread it!

hens teeth said...

Any luck?

jennyflowerblue said...

It is sad isn't it, there should be joy in it! I don't mind shopping for hose I knpw and love it's the unexpected others I realy resent. I have to wear a size 20 work blouse-(I usually wear a 14 top) because of my buxom-ness and the cheap cut of the garment.....breaks my heart-every day.xxx

Paula Hewitt said...

liked the pattern story. did you stop to think that if you are a size 8 across and a size 8 up and down (or a size 20 for that matter) youd be a square?

we stopped giving presents to adults. We give something little to people who give the kids something (but have stopped our friends etc giving the kids gifts too). this year my husband and I (god i sound like the queen but with a stupid aussie accent) decided not to bother with each other either (gifts that is). much easier than trying to buy something for the person who has everything (and how hasnt these days) when you have no money (the only thing people dont have)

come visit in a couple of days and read the true story of xmas - the Christmas Pig.

Anonymous said...

Other than smallish things we have made, we are making charitable donations in honor of our friends and family. Things are rough all over, but there are always others who are worse off.

BTW- I started a tradition out of economic desperation about 15 years ago that is now my signature and most desired gifty poo- I make holiday ornaments every year. People LURVVE them, if I do say so, and they are satisfying to make and give.

If only you had materials on hand and skills and ideas or something... : )

alice c said...

There is a gilet waiting in a shop somewhere near you waiting for an owner...Just a thought!

Thanks for the link - 'homage' sounds frightfully grown up.

ArtPropelled said...

Enjoy your Christmas shopping and be careful not to overwrack your poor brain :-)

'fancypicnic' said...

Oh, thanks so much for the log vid link!!
We both loved it!! After all,
'everyone needs a log!!!'

Hee hee. Brilliant! xx
ps - the Christmas shopping? Tell me about it.
*goes off mumbling...*

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