Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Day of Reckoning

This post is an homage to
Tomorrow I am going Christmas Shopping with my Mum.
The meaning of Christmas shopping is this:
I, who have no money to spare, will rack my brains to find presents for my nearest and dearest who also have no money to spare,
who will be out wracking their brains to find something to buy for me.
In some ways I am looking forward to it.
But I know I will be expected to choose something for Christmas.
This will probably be, in utter desperation, clothes.
I will be unsuccesful for the following reason:
Once when I was making a jacket, I bought a multisize pattern.
You had to measure your height and your width and cut the corresponding size.
I measured my height: a size eight.
I measured my width: a size twenty.
I gave up.
As I will tomorrow.
Wish me luck.
(And don't forget..you can do your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your own home in etsy and folksy...if you hurry and are in the UK)
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