Monday, 29 December 2008

A Little Game

I am getting a bit bored with the holidays now.
I read everything in google reader the other night and discovered this little game on a lot of blogs.
Open your pictures file and choose the 6th folder. Open it and find the 6th picture and upload it to the blog.
Now, being the worrying type I wonder if its 6th from the top and therefore the most recent, or 6th from the bottom.
So I am doing both.

This is the 6th from the top. And it was the 6th picture till I named it '6' and then it went to the top.
You can't win.

Its a cobbled road along my walking route. I took the picture when I was working on these bags and it struck me how they were uneven rectangles all fitted together in much the same way as I had done with my velvet.

Now here is the 6th folder 6th picture from the bottom.

Here goes.
Oops slight problem..only one picture in the folder..anyway here it is

A few years ago, my son, who is a big fan of 'The Wicker Man' , was messing about with his friends in the garden.

We are great hoarders of wood as well as everything else, and all this was in the pile waiting to be chopped up for the stove. Two bits of fence panel, two empty hanging baskets, two old christmas tree trunks were transformed by them into the Wicker Man of Brinscall.

This picture was taken a couple of months later when we dragged it a mile and a half to our friends' bonfire on 5th November, prior to its spectacular burning.

You may be relieved to know we did not strip naked and dance round the fire.
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