Friday, 19 December 2008

Pressing issues


Previously on that same day..another birthday lunch.. a different assiette of desserts.
Christmas pudding, strawberry meringue and creme brulee. Yum.

Now just look what I received this week.
A gorgeous card

and two little sweetie peg dolls

from Sesga .
Beautifully made and cleverly designed. And sweetly packaged and sent to me. Thank you Sesga.
Then this fabulous card from my dear friend Viv from Hens Teeth
She is so creative.

Not content with sending the lovely card she also sent me one of her exquisite embroidered pieces.

How lucky am I?
Just some thoughts for fellow makers to mull over.
I have some of my work in two up market craft galleries and have had offers from two others.
Now galleries as we all know have to add a large percentage to the sale price.
I can't afford to sell my things any cheaper so they become very expensive in Galleries.
This week I have made as much by selling things on Etsy and by e mail as I have in two months at the Galleries.
But its very prestigious to have work in a nice Gallery.
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