Sunday, 14 December 2008

Fair Enough.

In view of all your lovely words of encouragement and support for the weekend I thought you might be interested to know I had a wonderful craft fair.
All the 'Tweets' went in the first hour on Saturday so in the evening (and into the early hours of the morning) I made 10 more and sold NONE today.
I don't know!
Here's my stall in the Whitworth Art Gallery.

enhanced by a very valuable painting by Gillian Ayres. (I hope she didn't mind my work in front of her work)

The stall thinned out considerably by Sunday afternoon. In fact I got everything that was left in two boxes.
The whole event was amazingly well organised by Sally of Manchester Craft mafia. It went without a hitch. The atmosphere was lovely especially on saturday when there was a brass band in the foyer playing Christmas Carols..(ooohh I DO love a brass band..sends shivers up me spine!)and a sort of mini farmers market with the fabulous aroma of mulled wine wafting through the gallery, and getting every one in the festive (spending) mood.

When you sit by a stall at a craft fair there are always moments you remember.

Today two lovely young men, brothers I think, after much deliberation about colour and practicality, bought a handbag for their mother for Christmas.

Another young man carrying a baby boy bought a little Tweed purse for the baby to give to his mother for Christmas.

I am very proud to say that the curator of textiles at the Gallery bought one of my Harris tweed handbags so I feel 'validated'.
I met fellow bloggers Sue of Mousenotebook.
Her beautiful table with its subtle cream and natural linen, aqua and brown made me feel vulgar and garish.

Guerilla Embroidery has been a favourite of mine for ages on flickr and I met her on Saturday and saw her lovely work.
Linda came and bought some things. Thank you Linda, and I met Paperfish too, and Ness Donnelly.

I shall be posting some pics of the remaining 'Tweets' tomorrow when I have made a dent in the ironing.And maybe putting some cuffs and bags on ETSY.
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