Monday, 1 June 2009

Refreshing the Palette

Well..what a wonderful reaction to my news.
Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I have tried to reply to everyone but not managed it so here is a big thank you for all the nice things you said.

I have been re-stocking with all my favourite colours from Silken Strands.
Yummy Natesh Titania variegated threads.

I have decided, and its a bit of a confession ...I hate the process of dyeing.

But I LOVE the outcome!

Now I'm ready for action again.
I found some pieces of felt in more than one colour and made some more not-as-huge but fun brooches.

Oooooh! Its just too much fun putting the threads and fabrics together!

More delicious colour indulgence.
A bespoke bag to go to Sweden.

Now on a less bright theme:
I know when you go to the seaside you should leave only footprints bring home only memories, but I don't think this modest haul will diminish Blakeney spit too much.
Lovely stones, one like a seal, one like a bird's egg and a stripey one,some shells and bits of flint.

Now what do you think of this?

My husband picked it up and when we brought it home we realised it could be an arrowhead.
I thought perhaps some modern day person had made it to illustrate the technique, but the edges, whilst 'carved' to be sharp, were actually worn smooth by the sea.
Does that make it ancient?

Back to business.
I have been asked to think about a man brooch, so I am playing.
I'm using up all the pieces of felt I've made to demonstrate in workshops.
I made these more masculine 'shapes' from a navy blue and red piece.

Here they are displayed on some very small, 4x6 inch, deep-sided box frames.
I don't know whether to keep them as brooches or leave them on the frames to make them into pieces for the wall.

Once again, the red is a photographic failure.
Its actually a lovely zingy orangey and red mottled piece.


I had a lovely surprise in the post too.
A parcel of generosity from Whitney Anne.

Lovely cotton velvet and some Stef Frances threads.
Isn't she kind?
Thank you so much Whitney-Anne

I have been nominated for the 'One lovely blog award' by Dana from the Quilted Librarian.
I can't seem to upload the picture.
Now I love receiving awards but I am supposed to nominate fifteen, yes fifteen others!
I hope you will not object to my throwing it open to any of you lovely people who commented on my last post. It was so lovely to have such a great response to my showing off.

Some time ago Lisette at Textile Seahorse gave me a Sisterhood award. She couldn't upload the picture and neither can I! Its for blogs that show gratitude/attitude and again there are rules..I have the done the linking back but I am supposed to nominate 10 yes 10 more!
The same offer applies to
anyone who commented on my last post. If you follow the links to the original blogs you will see the rules.

(Running total=25)
I'm really really sorry (hangs head in shame) but someone else tagged me in the last month and I can't find it.
If it was you please let me know because the least thing I have to do in thanks is link back to you.

And finally.......
Maggie Grey has very kindly written a lovely review of the 'Embroidery 2000' exhibition at Lytham.
You can find it on her workshop on the web exhibition pages.

Phew! What a messy post.
If you stuck with it, thanks.
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