Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday::Cuffs and Purses

Business first:: I've had lovely comments on my recent production thank you. So many people are still telling me how much they liked my article.

I've been awarded a Favourite Blog award by Joanne May
As I don't know how to copy the picture and have a migraine coming induced by the stress of accommodating masses of 'belongings',a take away curry full of additives no doubt, too much sewing and three glasses of shiraz I can't summon up the oomph to pass them on.( My sight is fading as it does with migraine, zig zags flickering about, and when it returns I will have the mother and father of a headache. Most of the rest of this post was written before it came on.)
UPDATE Thursday: Migraine went but not before it had actually affected my speech.I was quite frightened as I was trying to read a blog and couldn't make any sense of it, and when I tried to tell my husband, the words that came out were not what I was trying to say. Is that normal for migraine?
(I know its normal for me!)
And I've managed to upload the pic! Yay!

I must mention Cat from the Raggy Rat.
She has spent the last year making an amazing fursuit.
Do visit her blog and don't forget to vote for her in The Dorset Cereals blog award.
Cat, I pass this award to you and your lovely girls!
All the blogs I read are worthy winners. So consider yourselves all my favourites!

The second Tuesday of the month is the felt group.
I was a reluctant recruit well over a year ago but I have found a wonderful medium and a fantastic group of people.
I don't know if the the other members relish my joy as it makes me garrulous and possibly annoying.
I took my brooches to show and came home minus 10 of them and quite a lot better off.
I spent the day making small squares of felt for Wednesday. (More on that in a moment)
I came home and started work on a few more cuffs to bulk out the 'silk' section of my stall.

I got three new pieces of silk in Norwich last month.
A gorgeous bronzey gold very rich, a scrumptious rose pink , and a really unusual shot one, lilac crossed with gold so its very mysterious. You can't really tell from these pics.
(By the way, I've been doing my photography lately on my IKEA ironing board, nice isn't it?)

Here's the gold.

So, remember I said I made a lot of squares of felt on Tuesday?
Well I put them in the drier and FORGOT THEM!
They were like lumpy postage stamps when I got them out. Useless. So on
I had to use up whatever pieces I already had to make my new idea incorporating the felt brooch motif, these little phone pouches.
This is my favourite one.

They are a bit 'beta' at the know, still in the try out phase.Like Folksy.
Feedback welcomed.

I must put in a word of praise here for the place I got my hooks and brooch backs. I only ordered them on Monday and they came yesterday. The brooch backs are the best I've had.
They are called BFNT Bead findings and things.
I am not connected to them in any way but I believe if a business is good it needs to be shared.

On monday I also made this ..for a man.

Talking of men...I went to an office supplies shop last week. Its very small and as I was leaving a man was walking up the stairs and I had to wait before I could go downstairs. He was immaculate in a blue and white pin stripe shirt, with shiny shoes and pressed trousers, and about 45. He had a beautiful King Charles Spaniel on a lead.
'What a cutie' I said , by way of making conversation.
'Thank you.' He replied.' Do you like my dog as well?'
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