Monday, 8 June 2009

If its Monday it must be.....

I don't make the books.
I buy them in bulk from The Pink Pig and work my embroidery magic on them!
Because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and like the minute things in life I have to add a little bit on the first page.
As if they didn't take long enough already.

I enjoy combining the colours and stitching.
No change there then.

I am wondering if anyone reading this is planning on coming to Art and Garden?
It would be good to see you.
The weather forecast is 'White Cloud'
But there's stormy weather before that.

My son is moving home on Thursday.
Yes Thursday.
This Thursday.
His bed is invisible under the ironing pile.
His old room is full up with our big computer and all its accompanying paraphernalia.
And a Singer Irish Industrial sewing machine.
And all the stuff he left last time.
The spare room is booked for a visiting tutor and her husband later in June, and then three folk musicians the night after.
His timing is impeccable.
His belongings are immeasurable.
They include a washing machine.
If we get rid of the old piano in the wash house we may have a chance.
But the village is awash with unwanted old pianos.
I asked in the post office if they knew anyone who wanted an old piano.
They said 'Another one?'
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