Friday, 12 June 2009

Now we are six

Tired though you must be of seeing my latest creations I now present two more blocks to make the whole up to six.
Several people have remarked on the fact that they look like Protozoa, which if I remember my school Biology, are single cell organisms.
I like that idea, but they started with 'retro' in mind.
Maybe they should be called 'Retrozoa'.

Or for exhibition purposes and so I don't have to go teaching, 'Will sell Separately'.

However I don't think I could sell them.
I find it very hard to part with things.
I clung to the bumper of the car which took these long buried treasures to the tip.
Buried under a pile of junk in the garage that is. Or was.
We still have plenty more bikes in there to be parted from.

Much sewing has been done this week for Art and Garden tomorrow and Sunday. I am taking the entire contents of my etsy shop and praying for fine weather.

Maybe when its over, I can get on with a bit of housework .
But if you look closely at the picture you will see that there are other pressing jobs outside.

By the way, what happens to your blog when you use up all your 1024 megabytes?
I hope bits don't disappear.
I like my first few posts, its a lovely diary of last year. Especially this one.
Two of the dogs in the last picture have gone to pastures new.
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