Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Woolly Weekend ahead

Well, the pictureless post sorts the sheep from the goats!
Thank you those who read and followed the links and enjoyed them and those who then commented.
I succumbed and actually bought something on ETSY! I am one of those annoying people at craft fairs who sells but keeps her hands in her pockets.
It was not always so but I am no longer earning a crust in the classroom so I have to be realistic.
I apply the same stingy attitude to etsy but I just HAD to have a Fellpainting. It hasn't arrived yet but I know a lot of you who visited the site will appreciate how excited I am.

I've had a lovely weekend of walkies with this little sweetie. My son-and-his-ex-girlfriends- shared-dog, Denny..named after Sandie Denny of Fairport Convention.

She doesn't sit still for long so its hard to get a good picture.
She is far cleverer than Willow was, far more obedient but still.....she isn't Willow who was beautiful but it has to be said, fairly thick. The Bimbo of the dog world.
When the above son was little he heard the word 'Bimbo' and asked me what it meant.
I said it usually applied to someone who was beautiful but not very clever.
He said 'Oh well you're not a bimbo because you're clever and you're.......er......er....'

I promised a photo of my goodies from Helen of Cocoa and Blankets. I'm sorry, I was so excited that its all blurred. Just look at these yummy things she sent me. Shimmering blurry colour!

I spent a couple of days on my sewing machine making some brooches to send to Woolfest.
I heard an annoying squeak so I decided to unscrew the flywheel to find out where it was squeaking.
How hard can it be?
Two hours later, having tried every combination of the three components I could imagine, I was on the phone to Bambers in Manchester with my screwdriver in my hand and my machine on its end while he talked me through re-assembling it.

Just in time to get more brooches made.

These are Woolfest Specific!
They are going on the International Feltmakers Association stand.

I wish I'd thought of it sooner.
Just imagine..

I Love EWE!


See you there Saturday?
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