Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Roobarb and Gaydon

Look who just came through my letter box..well not actually through the letterbox but you know what I mean.
Its Roobarb!
He's here and I am delighted with him and feel guilty having won the giveaway so easily.

He's just reclining against a packet of biscuits recovering from the trauma of having gone to bed in Soggibottom and woken up in Lancashire.
He looks a little wistful if not traumatised by being woken up with many hugs .

Thank you so much Michelle.
I am sorry he won't have as beautiful a garden here to romp in but I'll show him your blog from time to time so he knows what you're up to.
I can't tell you how much I admire the work you did to create him.
How are your wrists?
I get aches and pains just using my laptop scroll pad.

I thought I'd show you this beauty.

I had two aunts who worked at the Melamine factory years ago so we acquired quite a bit of it, including this never used cake stand.

Its even still in the box.
I think the name would be different today!
I've put this on the well known auction site.
De cluttering..but its hard to part with.

I used to hate the stuff.
When we went on picnics as children just think how handy the unbreakable Gaydon mugs were for drinking tea from the flask.
But not for me.
I refused to put a plastic cup near my lips.
Especially one that was cherry red or olive green inside and out. There was just something about the way the liquid condensed on the plastic that made me cringe.
Even at such a tender age I insisted my mum had to pack a china cup for me.
Sorry Mum.
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