Friday, 29 May 2009

The Big Reveal!

After what seems an age. I am in print and I have now received my complimentary copies of Quilting Arts .
Thats not a complaint but it seems such a long time since I was contacted by Pokey Bolton with a view to writing an article....out of the blue.
How exciting.
She phoned me!!!!

Thats me in the middle of the cover..retro inspired.

I made some new pieces for the article based on pieces I had already done.

They came home today after a trip across the world to places I have never been and will probably never go.

Its so exciting.

Its only me.

And my sewing machine.

And the contents of my little brain spilled out into stitch.

I wish I could be cool and blasé (can put the accent in now. Thanks Kitty!!)........but its just not me.

Sorry to be such an insufferable show off.
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