Saturday, 2 May 2009

Moving Forward .

This has been an extraordinary week for me and my family.
We have shed many tears and guess what? I lost three pounds. Not such a good way to lose it.
We have been very sad, but I have felt supported and cared for by your lovely, lovely messages and e mails and for that I am extremely grateful.
Thank you.
From now on I will be doing my maundering on about Willow on my other blog.
I started it a while ago to practice different things I wanted to do , such as upload video, change templates and so on so its a bit of a mess really.
Its the ideal place to write posts to help me remember my gentle companion. I don't mind if no one ever reads it, it will help. I'll write sadnesses and joys, stories of good and bad behaviour and keep her living over there for as long as I need to.
Thank you all again.
I really mean it. Answering your comments where I could(sorry if I didn't get to you) was perfect therapy.

Now moving forward here.
I have finished a whole lot of yummy*little brooches and I am going to have a giveaway of 5 of them BUT there will be something else, I think a piece of work for mounting, in the giveaway which I haven't made yet, so hold yer horses ...I'll have an actual 'blog anniversary leave your comments to enter the draw' post in a few days.

Meanwhile, see which one you would fancy if you won.

Please notice the light in these pictures. For months I have struggled to get a decent picture but now May is here they just glow with light.

A cautionary tale now.
Last night I was encouraging a flickr contact to start a blog and saying I would help if he got stuck, when my blog completely disappeared.
Yes! Vanished.
All that was there was an error message. I did a bit of googling and went to the help forum and the solution was easy to follow BUT it required going to the dashboard..which, of course, I couldn't as it had disappeared. Thankfully I have my other blog so I could google that to get to the dashboard.
If I'd only had one blog I would not be here now.
Maybe that wouldn't be the end of the world for you..but for a moment there.....last night..I panicked.

*I thought I'd try a bit of 'own trumpet, blowing of ' here.
It seems to be a requirement on some blogs.
(Not yours of course, dear readers)
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